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16 06, 2015

Feast at the Farm is back!


Join SSMC Board Member, local chef, and winemaker, Dan Peterson for our 7th annual Feast at the Farm fundraiser for Sustainable San Mateo County. Saturday, August 22, 2015 - Farm tour starts at 4:00pm with dinner to follow. Potrero Ñuevo Farm - 1045 Tunitas Creek Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019. Enjoy local farm fresh products paired with exceptional wine. Tour the farm. Meet with local farmers. Experience the stunning beauty of the San Mateo Coast. SOLD OUT! Thanks to all that will be joining us for their support!

Feast at the Farm is back!2015-08-17T11:36:39-05:00
10 04, 2015

El Camino Real: A Historic Perspective


The path of El Camino Real (Spanish for "the Royal Road") was blazed by Padre Junipero Serra, a Spanish Franciscan friar who founded a mission in Baja California as well as the first nine of 21 Spanish missions between San Diego and San Francisco. The route of El Camino Real changed due to weather, travel modes, and the tides. Although a well-traveled road today, El Camino Real began as an obscure footpath that linked Spanish settlements to administrative centers. The current path of El Camino Real, including the 43-mile stretch between Daly City and downtown San Jose (State Route 82), [...]

El Camino Real: A Historic Perspective2015-04-10T20:47:50-05:00
24 03, 2015

2015 Key Indicator: Water


This year our key indicator is water. That means we will be highlighting ongoing issues about conservation efforts, water supply, and how we assess our water usage levels throughout the year. Water is required in many aspects of our daily life - everybody is affected. Climate change is changing our traditional weather patterns. We are currently struggling with a severe drought that is forecasted to persist, in various cycles, on a long-term, inter-generational scale. This year has seen the lowest amount of snowpack in the Sierra Mountains since 1977. "We're looking at historical lows," said David Rizzardo, the chief of [...]

2015 Key Indicator: Water2015-03-24T19:30:03-05:00
17 03, 2015

2015 Award Winner Greencitizen: The E-waste Tsunami


by Nathanael Horton GreenCitizen is pioneering a business model that tackles the electronic waste crisis. They are one of the honorees being celebrated at our March 26th Sustainability Awards Dinner. Ticket sales run until March 19th, so get yours now at Our e-garbage is pooling up. This county and adjacent principalities are host to the beating heart of the tech industry. What is made here is used worldwide. And when what is made here becomes obsolete, the waste materials are also distributed worldwide. It is fitting that a local company is addressing this aspect of the proliferation of consumer [...]

2015 Award Winner Greencitizen: The E-waste Tsunami2015-03-18T02:44:53-05:00
1 03, 2015

2015 Award Winner Devil’s Canyon: Fermenting Bonds Between People


Brewing alcohol is an ancient technology and cultural tradition. Before convenient technologies like refrigeration, irradiation, vacuum sealing (canning) - it was difficult to preserve food calories for long periods of time. One method of saving grains is dry storage. Another is fermentation. Early techniques were crude - beer and wines were rude to the taste, but effective. Chris Garrett, the owner of Devil's Canyon Brewing Company, has elevated the art, science, and business of beer-making to an inspired level. The company's practices have earned them a 2015 Sustainability Award. You won't want to miss the event, where you'll learn much [...]

2015 Award Winner Devil’s Canyon: Fermenting Bonds Between People2015-03-06T20:47:56-05:00
31 01, 2015

Calm Down! Completing our Streets


Page 69 of Oct 2014 Public Draft All images are sourced from the City of San Mateo's Sustainable Streets Plan @ In my first blog post I mentioned that the City of San Mateo is slated to redevelop its streets over the coming years. I feel compelled to write in more detail about these improvements as a cyclist and pedestrian. I haven't owned a car in six years. My daily commute can be hair-raising. I've been nudged by an SUV whilst riding my bicycle in a dedicated bike lane. Two weeks ago I was nearly run over by [...]

Calm Down! Completing our Streets2015-01-31T00:29:41-05:00
27 01, 2015

Announcing the 2015 Award Winners!


2015 Award Winners to be honored at a benefit dinner on Thursday, March 26, 2015 Sustainable San Mateo County's 16th Annual Sustainability Awards celebrate two local businesses and a nonprofit community resource center for outstanding commitment to sustainable practices and exemplary conduct with regards to the three "e" principles: Economy, Equity, Environment. Sustainability Award winners are: Devil's Canyon Brewing Company in San Carlos for their pioneering sustainable beer-making and inventive material reutilization program; GreenCitizen, a Burlingame e-waste recycler, and Puente de la Costa Sur, an indispensable resource center for the people of the South Coast. The brand new high school [...]

Announcing the 2015 Award Winners!2015-01-27T23:54:35-05:00
9 01, 2015

On gazing upwards & looking forward


When we speak about sustainability, we do so with emphasis on long term thinking. There are some things worth preserving - like our natural heritage - that require planning on an inter-generational timescale. One of the quintessential symbols of the Northern Californian natural landscape are redwood trees. Their grandeur and majesty are obvious to anyone who has gazed upwards from standing at the base of one of these trees - the largest in the world. The sources I found say that 90-96% of redwoods in California were logged with abandon from the mid 1800s well into the 1960s. There was [...]

On gazing upwards & looking forward2015-01-09T23:06:42-05:00
2 01, 2015

Unpacking a Cubicle for Xmas


Hi there. This is my second blog post and first of the new year. One of my tasks as communications intern at SSMC has been to setup a work space. Over the Xmas break I cleaned our cubicle space at the Bovet Professional Offices. I took some before and after photos: There are hundreds of documents stored in several boxes. The files were carefully cataloged for well over a decade, but many of the documents are outdated. I've been sorting through them and simultaneously learning about the institutional history of SSMC through the paper trail. I moved everything out of [...]

Unpacking a Cubicle for Xmas2015-01-03T16:03:41-05:00
19 12, 2014

A note from Nathan


Hi there, my name is Nathan. I'm a communications intern here at Sustainable San Mateo County. I've been a long time San Mateo resident myself and am currently an undergraduate student studying philosophy and marketing. I've always wanted to work with an environmental advocacy organization. What particularly attracted me to SSMC is the successful fulfillment of the core long term mission of sustainability: to conserve and cultivate life for the next generation. I am of that incoming generation that is maturing into concerned and connected citizens and I am happy to join a non-profit setup by like-minded neighbors. Since it's [...]

A note from Nathan2014-12-19T13:00:08-05:00
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