SSMC’s Sustainability Dashboard tracks progress by cities in San Mateo County with 30 key performance indicators in 11 sustainability focus areas. It helps local leaders and residents assess advancement toward sustainability goals in a variety of key categories, including Energy, Health and Well-Being, Social Equity, Transportation and Waste Management.

We started collecting annual data in 2021 for the Dashboard. Data sources include publicly available sources, as well as official data provided by the county and local cities. We share the Dashboard results with city leaders, who have an opportunity to comment on each year’s findings in a Narrative that is included with their city’s data. SSMC determines which data to collect using criteria that included the availability and reporting frequency of data, its relevance to sustainability issues and suitability to act as a good proxy for a given sustainability category, and the ability of local cities to influence each metric. The Dashboard is a living document that will be adjusted by changing conditions and as additional data becomes available.

While sharing Dashboard findings with city leaders, SSMC also suggests solutions from our Sustainability Ideas Bank, which compiles successful sustainability programs, initiatives and policies that have been implemented by other cities. Together, the Dashboard and the Ideas Bank are helping local leaders accelerate progress on their Climate Action Plans and other sustainability goals.