At SSMC, we believe that the “three E’s” of sustainability, the Economy, the Environment and social Equity, must be in balance in order for communities to be healthy and thrive.

Our vision is a sustainable future for everyone in San Mateo County.

Our mission is to stimulate action to make San Mateo County more sustainable on economic, environmental, and social equity issues through empowering information and advocacy.

Our values are Objectivity • Inclusivity • Collaboration • Impact • Integrity

Our core programs are:

  • Our Awards Program, which celebrates local sustainability champions and Green Building Award recipients. It has been held annually since 1999.
  • Our Sustainability Dashboard, started in 2021, which tracks sustainability progress in all 20 cities in San Mateo County via key performance indicators.
  • Our Indicators Report, which takes a deep dive into one critical sustainability issue and examines its history, impact and future implications for San Mateo County. This report has been produced annually since 1997.
  • Our Sustainability Ideas Bank, begun in 2019, which compiles successful policies and programs implemented by local governments and businesses to accelerate sustainability.

In addition, SSMC hosts Happy Hours and Roundtables with sustainability leaders to discuss current topics and ways to collaborate. We also engage regularly with a broad range of stakeholders from local government, the business community, other nonprofits and academia to advance projects and programs that are consistent with our vision and mission.

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SSMC’s leaders are committed to making local cities and San Mateo County more sustainable.

SSMC collage Our Background

SSMC was founded in 1992 and has been tracking sustainability progress in San Mateo County since 1997.

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