SSMC’s Sustainability Ideas Bank advances sustainability by sharing solutions from cities and businesses that have proven successful elsewhere. Most ideas include contact information to allow leaders to talk directly with others who have implemented these solutions, along with links to staff reports, ordinances, websites and other resources.

The Sustainability Ideas Bank is designed to make it easier for cities and businesses to address climate change and other issues related to sustainability by removing the need for staff members to research the feasibility of ideas and for attorneys to draft new ordinances and policies. Instead, local leaders will be able to move quickly to adopt solutions that have already proven successful in other areas.

The Ideas Bank isn’t a static document. It is a continuously evolving resource that reflects progress that’s been made on new challenges as they arise. We welcome your suggestions for solutions to add to the Ideas Bank. Send them to

We are grateful to the Gratitude Giving Circle and numerous smaller donors for supporting this project, as well as six interns who helped develop it.

Sustainability Ideas Bank 2022 Entire 198-page file (12.4 MB PDF) Links below jump to each section.

Index (73KB PDF)
Introduction (49KB PDF)

Affordable Housing (1 MB PDF)
Business License Tax Helps Housing
Campaign Contribution Regulation
Housing Impact Fees
Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives
Mandatory Rent Registry
Missing Middle Housing
Renter Equity Programs
Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act
Other Solutions to Explore
– Exemplary Inclusionary Housing
– Minimum Lease Terms

Ecology and Biodiversity (1.8MB PDF)
Beekeeping Regulation
Corporate Conservation Programs
Green Cleaning with Engineered Water
Integrated Pest Management
Pollinator-Friendly Solar
Rooftop Gardens and Green Roofs
Urban Tree Planting
Wildlife Corridors
Another Solution to Explore
– Environmental Impact Scores for Food

Energy (2.3 MB PDF)
Community Microgrids
Induction Cooktop Loaner Program
Leaf Blower Regulation
Low-Carbon Concrete
On-Bill Financing
Plastic Roadways
Reach Codes
Rubberized Asphalt Concrete
Smart Glass for Commercial Building
Other Solutions to Explore
– Ban on New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
– Home Electricity Assessment Toolkit

Finance (598 KB PDF)
InVEST Toolbox
Sustainable 401(k) Investments for Employees

Food and Agriculture (680 KB PDF)
Green Mondays
Regenerative Farming
Another Solution to Explore
– Default Vegetarian Option

Social Equity (1.9 MB PDF)
Clean Air for All
Cottage Food Laws
Police Reform
Public Housing Renovation
Tiny Homes
Urban Community Gardens
Other Solutions to Explore
– Clipper START Card
– Equitable Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategies

Transportation (1MB PDF)
Alternative Transportation Incentives
Anti-Idling Ordinance
Eliminate Off-Street Parking Minimums
Encouraging Employee Bike Use
Expanded Teleworking Options
Local Commuter Benefits Ordinance
Personal Rapid Transit
Quick-Build Street Design
Seamless Transit Principles
Shuttles for Employee Commutes
Slow Streets
Streetlight Electric Vehicle Charging
Transportation Management Associations
Another Solution to Explore
– Shared Micromobility

Waste (2 MB PDF)
Centralized Waste Bins
Deconstruction Waste Management
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Food Waste Tracking
Personal Reusable Cups for All Employees
Responsible Recycling of e-Waste
Single-Use Plastic Foodware Ban
Other Solutions to Explore
– Corporate Waste Audits
– Right to Repair Act

Water (1 MB PDF)
Artificial Floating Islands
Flood Insurance Community Rating System
Landscape Design Assistance
Rain Barrel Rebate
Rain Garden Rebate
Recycled Water Ordinance
Satellite Water Treatment Facility
Streamlined Residential Gray Water Use
Other Solutions to Explore
– Comprehensive City Water Conservation
– On-Site Water Reuse for Businesses
– Permeable Pavement Rebate

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