White board with sustainability ideasThe climate crisis, growing inequality, systemic racism and the pandemic are threatening our lives and our life support systems. At SSMC, we believe that positive action on the ground is needed to accelerate sustainability. We advocate for programs and policies that align with our values, and we partner with other organizations to amplify our mutual efforts.

Here are some of the ways we are supporting sustainability in local communities and businesses.

Eliminating Racism

In 2020 we affirmed our support for working with communities of color and helping to eliminate racism with this Racial Equality Proclamation:

We believe:

• Racism is deeply embedded in American society
• Racism is systemic, has many facets and is difficult to end

We commit to:

• Working collaboratively with communities of color on promoting racial equality
• Actively recruiting a diversity of people for the Board
• Utilizing ways to measure racism and tracking progress on achieving racial equity with our Indicators Reports
• Working toward finding solutions that eliminate racism

Phasing Out Fossil Fuels from Building Construction

Since 2019 SSMC has worked with than 30 organizations in the Campaign for Fossil Free Buildings in Silicon Valley, supporting cities that adopt building codes to phase out natural gas (a fossil fuel) from homes and buildings in order to decrease carbon emissions and promote electric vehicle infrastructure.

Supporting Equal Access to Public Transportation

In 2019 SSMC joined with dozens of other nonprofits in supporting the values of the Transportation Equity Allied Transportation Coalition (TEAMC), which advocates for equity in transportation systems.