Hi there. This is my second blog post and first of the new year. One of my tasks as communications intern at SSMC has been to setup a work space. Over the Xmas break I cleaned our cubicle space at the Bovet Professional Offices. I took some before and after photos:


There are hundreds of documents stored in several boxes. The files were carefully cataloged for well over a decade, but many of the documents are outdated. I’ve been sorting through them and simultaneously learning about the institutional history of SSMC through the paper trail.


I moved everything out of the cubicle temporarily and into the vacant neighboring cubicle. Emptied the desk drawers, swept the carpet, disassembled the desk with a wrench, re-positioned it and put it back together…

I found a dead mouse!


Besides the bunches of outdated archived material, we disposed of a considerable amount of e-waste.

I took these items to Green Citizen in Burlingame for recycling and refurbishing.


Thats me.


Here is the view from my perspective seated at the desk in the cubicle. At first it was fairly sparse and minimalist. I’ve started decorating a bit with artwork I bought at the San Carlos Art & Wine Festival.


I bought some corkboard and pinned up several clippings and projects reminders. Moved the printer/scanner underneath the desk.


This is the framed portrait that hangs on the wall behind me. It depicts a picturesque scene from over a hundred years ago: a model housing development in San Mateo County that looks suburban. You can see a gated community with housing units on small lots emitting carbon waste from their chimneys. A local commuter passes by on a dirt road in a horse-drawn wagon.

This behind-the-scenes post is indicative of some of the changes happening here at SSMC. Much of my work as a communications intern is abstract or unseen- social media, web site updates, emails, drafting posts and infographics. Organizing this cubicle is something tangible that I can easily share.

We will continue to experiment and update our communications channels to provide fresh, informative perspectives on sustainability in San Mateo County. In addition to cleaning house, we have been working on reaching out to our current members. I’d very much like to hear from you!

I can be reached at nathanael@sustainablesanmateo.org