2023 Indicators Report:

The Well-Being of Children, Youth & Families in San Mateo County

Creating a sustainable society entails meeting the social, economic and environmental requirements of the present community while safeguarding the ability of future generations to meet their needs. For families with children—26% of San Mateo County’s households—sustainability depends on having access to a complex and interconnected network of services and supports, including child care, education, and physical and mental health care access, all within a safe and healthy environment that includes secure housing and income opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed many vulnerabilities of the county’s support system for families and children. It also has given us the chance to demonstrate our resilience and resolve.

Sustainable San Mateo County’s 2023 Indicators Report on the Well-Being of Children, Youth and Families provides an overview of many components of this support system. By examining historical data trends and comparing San Mateo County’s performance with state and national metrics, this report sheds light on progress made and persisting challenges. To this end, this report not only offers an analysis of various indicators but also provides real-world examples of successful initiatives and programs that have made a positive impact. These examples serve as inspiration and models for future programs. Providing children and families with a secure, healthy environment now through education, health, housing and child care programs ensures that they have the capabilities, knowledge and resilience to build and support a sustainable society in the future. When children thrive, the whole community benefits.

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