The current housing crisis did not happen overnight. It is rooted in 250 years of shameful local practices, harmful actions and outright racial discrimination. Sadly, profit and resistance from homeowners opposed to change have too often been more important than social equity.

It’s time to focus our attention on making more affordable housing available in every city in San Mateo County. For the sake of our quality of life, and to build a mutually beneficial relationship that restores our ecosystems, more housing must be found immediately.

ABAG’s alarming Regional Housing Needs Allocation numbers, recent state legislation alleviating some of the roadblocks to increased density, and the state’s new standard of fair housing to “ameliorate past actions that led to inequity” all make it essential to take action.

We applaud the individuals who are demanding that policy makers in our county approve affordable projects despite public backlash. We admire those who have taken personal and corporate action to increase housing availability. We salute decision makers, planners and developers who manage to find the funding and comply with complex regulations to make exemplary projects happen.

We need everyone to join forces and work together, collaboratively, to come up with ingenious, practical solutions that work.  Housing is a basic human right, with adequate housing essential for human survival with dignity. Without a right to housing, many other basic rights will be compromised. There is still much work to do.

We hope you will join in the compassionate effort to help everyone in San Mateo County have a place to call home.


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