Implement new sustainability programs and policies in less time with fewer issues.

Doing anything for the very first time is hard. There’s a learning curve. Like when I recently built kitchen cabinets. The first one was a painstaking process to figure out which pieces went together, in what order, which screws to use, how far to drill them in, etc. After the first one, I whipped out five more with ease.

The same is true for designing policies and implementing programs to become more sustainable. Establishing a renter equity program, getting people to try an induction cooktop, establishing deconstruction waste management … the first time cities, counties and community organizations did these, it was a lengthy process of discovery and trial.

Since 2019 SSMC has researched and documented successful implementations for sustainability solutions to meet the current and future needs of cities in San Mateo County. We provide these solutions to local governments, community organizations and individuals to make it easier and faster for them to implement their own sustainability programs and policies.

We are excited to announce a major enhancement to the Sustainability Ideas Bank. This collection of solutions is now accessible through a user-friendly online search tool. It’s quick and easy to explore solutions or find a specific solution for addressing environmental and climate solutions, affordable housing, health and well-being, food and agriculture and more.

You’ll find programs and policies to address the three core areas of sustainability — environmental, economic and social equity issues.

Interested in streetlights with electric vehicle chargers? Want to inspire residents to landscape with water-efficient plants? Looking for examples of environmentally preferable purchasing policies? Do a quick search to find a successful example that’s been implemented elsewhere.

You’ll get a head start by knowing what works and how to overcome likely obstacles. The Ideas Bank reduces the time needed to research the feasibility of ideas and draft new ordinances and policies. And most solutions include contact information for a person who will answer questions about how it was done.

Sustainable San Mateo County is committed to providing the information and resources community leaders need to build a sustainable future for us all. With the Ideas Bank, local leaders can move quickly to find and adopt solutions that have already proven successful in other areas.

Give it a try today!

We regularly add more solutions, and if you have an idea for a solution submit it through our online form.

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