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26 09, 2020

2021 Indicators Report Launch


2021 Indicators Report Focuses on Equitable Housing At the launch of our 25th annual Indicators Report on October 19, speakers outlined the challenges facing the need for more affordable, equitable housing as well as some proven solutions that are making it happen.Panelists were:Rick Bonilla, Deputy Mayor, San MateoDiana Reddy, Council Member, Redwood CityMatt Franklin, Chief Executive, MidPen HousingSee a video of the Indicators Report LaunchRead a blog about the eventRead the Indicators Report on Equitable Housing About the Speakers Rick Bonilla joined the San Mateo City Council in 2015 after serving on city commissions since 2001. He [...]

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4 09, 2020

2020 Key Indicator


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency The Dual-Axis Solar Carport in Burlingame supports up to 600 solar panels. Conventional fossil-fuel energy sources such as coal and natural gas are huge contributors to climate change. Non-renewable electricity and power generation use large amounts of scarce energy and water resources and pollute both the air and water, greatly harming our health and environment. On the other hand, renewable energy generated from sources including sun, wind and tides provides substantial benefits for mitigating climate change and restoring our health and environment. Last year, Sustainable San Mateo County’s annual Key Indicator report [...]

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27 07, 2020

Indicators Report


About the Indicators Report Sustainable San Mateo County has been tracking sustainability progress in the county since 1997 through its annual Indicators Report. This report provides fact-based information on sustainability indicators and local trends impacting San Mateo County’s economy, environment and social equity. Since its inception, the Indicators Report has been welcomed as a credible source of information by governments, businesses, civic groups and nonprofit organizations that use it to set goals, measure progress and prioritize resource allocation. Propelled by the philosophy that “what gets measured, gets managed,” the report presents metrics, success stories and showcases positive changes that [...]

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1 07, 2020

Indicators Report


About the Indicators Report Indicators for a Sustainable San Mateo County provides fact-based information on local trends impacting our economy, environment, and society. Propelled by the philosophy “what gets measured, gets managed,” the Report presents indicators that raise awareness of sustainability in the county and improve our ability to make sound decisions for the benefit of future generations. The indicators in this Report are used by governments, businesses, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations to set goals, measure progress towards achieving them, and prioritize the allocation of scarce resources. In addition to the indicators, the Report highlights success stories, showcases [...]

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30 06, 2020

2018 Indicators Report: Climate Change Action


Download the 2018 Indicators Report PDF here Download the 2018 Summary Report Resiliency leaders envision a renewed connection between people and our habitat, transforming lifestyles and business practices to regenerate natural systems. Aligning action with values that prioritize community health strengthens bonds and elevates those most vulnerable to climate impacts. Explore the 2018 Indicators Report by Topic Commute Management & Low Emission Transportation Energy Efficiency & Renewables Food & Agriculture Water Business Carbon Storage Eliminate Waste Resilience Planning Sponsors [...]

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31 10, 2018

2018 Key Indicator: Climate Change Action


This report identifies the key drivers of local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, emergent practices that remove emissions from the air, plans to scale up and fund solutions, and preparations for changes in temperature and weather patterns. Measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of these solutions will guide further action to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere and balance emissions as we move forward. Explore the Report by Topic: Commute Management & Low Emission Transportation ? Energy Efficiency & Renewables ? Food & Agriculture ? Water ? Business ? Carbon Storage ? Eliminate Waste ? Resilience Planning ? Explore Climate Change Data [...]

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10 07, 2018

We are hiring! Part-time Program Manager for the Indicators Report


Sustainable San Mateo County (SSMC) - PROGRAM MANAGER (Independent Contractor Position) Job Description: Established in 1992, Sustainable San Mateo County (SSMC) is a nonprofit dedicated to the long-term health of our county's economy, environment and social equity by educating people about sustainability and empowering them to take action to implement sustainability measures, practices and projects. Our main goal is to accelerate sustainability adoption throughout San Mateo County. More information about SSMC can be found at HOURS/TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Contract position without benefits $30 - $35 per hour depending on experience with hours not to exceed 500 hrs (unless authorized [...]

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