19 10, 2021

Leading Forces


Key trends that shape the jobs-housing balance and exacerbate accessibility to housing and transportation provide insights into finding sustainable solutions for the future. The following factors are playing an important role in how these challenges have been evolving and will likely continue to evolve and shift in the future. School Quality School quality has played an incredibly large role in where people choose to live on the Peninsula. In a recent Nextdoor survey of Burlingame and Hillsborough residents, 68 percent said that school quality was a factor that drew them to their neighborhood, as compared to diversity (14.3 percent), [...]

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19 10, 2021

Housing Analysis


Jobs-to-Housing Balance The jobs-to-housing balance metric is a ratio between the number of jobs and the number of housing units in a given geographical area. It is a measure of community health related to housing availability. A jobs-to-housing balance ratio of 1.5 means there are six jobs for every four households. According to the Building Industry Association, experts say that a healthy jobs-housing balance is 1.5.6 This accounts for at least one full-time worker in most households, given that some members of the population are retired, some choose not to or cannot work, and some hold part-time jobs. The [...]

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1 10, 2021

Air Quality for All


At Sustainable San Mateo County’s Happy Hour on July 20 titled “Air Quality for Equality”, attendees discussed disparities in air quality in San Mateo County and the wider Bay Area. Guest speaker David Canepa, who serves on the county’s Board of Supervisors and sits also on the Board of Directors at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, correlated these disparities to racial and socioeconomic differences and highlighted some of the work the county is doing to combat these impacts. Ulysses Vinson, director of SMC Labs, explained how his firm is partnering with an air quality company, Clarity, to monitor [...]

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14 05, 2021

Hit the Road in Green Mode


Our Happy Hour on April 15 explored sustainable transportation in San Mateo County. We were excited to have Carlos Moreno from Peninsula Clean Energy, Mary Thomasmeyer from Commute.org and Emma Shales from Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) as guest speakers. Carlos, the Community Outreach Specialist for Peninsula Clean Energy, explained that since Peninsula Clean Energy launched in 2016, it has been providing electricity to the area from clean energy sources. Customers can choose between going with 50 percent or 100 percent of their electricity coming from renewables. Both options are 100% carbon-free. So far, Peninsula Clean Energy has had a [...]

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5 10, 2020

Community Education and Outreach Efforts on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


San Mateo County Office of Education's Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative The San Mateo County Office of Education (SMCOE) launched its Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Initiative at the start of the 2017-18 school year. The initiative's vision is for the school communities and leaders to prioritize sustainability integration and environmental literacy for all students. The initiative supports a broad variety of complementary programs and efforts, including: Collective Impact - Campus as a Laboratory for Learning Program: This program utilizes the Collective Impact Approach to bring together school districts and their broader community to “green” one aspect of their school’s [...]

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4 10, 2020

Transportation and Clean Energy


COVID-19’s Impact on the Transportation and Energy Consumption Sector Traffic on Highway 101 decreased dramatically during the pandemic. Credit: Don Nolte Many state and regional economies had to shut down beginning in February and March of 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. According to the Institute for Regional Studies in Silicon Valley, annual GHG emissions in Silicon Valley could decline by an estimated 8 to 21 percent year-over-year, based on measured declines in vehicle miles traveled in March and April. Similarly, global GHG emissions are expected to decrease by 4 to 8 percent this year due [...]

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26 09, 2020

2021 Indicators Report Launch


2021 Indicators Report Focuses on Equitable Housing At the launch of our 25th annual Indicators Report on October 19, speakers outlined the challenges facing the need for more affordable, equitable housing as well as some proven solutions that are making it happen.Panelists were:Rick Bonilla, Deputy Mayor, San MateoDiana Reddy, Council Member, Redwood CityMatt Franklin, Chief Executive, MidPen HousingSee a video of the Indicators Report LaunchRead a blog about the eventRead the Indicators Report on Equitable Housing About the Speakers Rick Bonilla joined the San Mateo City Council in 2015 after serving on city commissions since 2001. He [...]

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4 09, 2020

2020 Key Indicator


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency The Dual-Axis Solar Carport in Burlingame supports up to 600 solar panels. Conventional fossil-fuel energy sources such as coal and natural gas are huge contributors to climate change. Non-renewable electricity and power generation use large amounts of scarce energy and water resources and pollute both the air and water, greatly harming our health and environment. On the other hand, renewable energy generated from sources including sun, wind and tides provides substantial benefits for mitigating climate change and restoring our health and environment. Last year, Sustainable San Mateo County’s annual Key Indicator report [...]

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27 07, 2020

Indicators Report


Read the 25th Annual Indicators Report on Equitable Housing 2021 Indicators Report Web version2021 Indicators Report Full Version 2.8 MB (PDF)2021 Indicators Report Brochure 1.1 MB (PDF)2021 Indicators Report Executive Summary  151 KB (PDF)Video of the 2021 Indicators Report Launch 2021 Indicators Report: Equitable Housing The equitable housing issues we are facing in San Mateo County affect everyone. They negatively impact the quality of life of the most vulnerable populations, such as seniors, the disabled and low-income individuals, as well as essential workers and middle-income residents. These problems make it difficult for companies to [...]

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29 10, 2019

Case Studies


Electrification of CalTrain, Bullet Train (High Speed Rail) *  Use of Green Infrastructure * Multi-modal transport that bring additional benefits of health and environment - Complete streets * Blue Planet * CAL FIRE’s Strategic Plan to Limit Wildfire Damage *  San Francisco Airport’s Zero Net Energy Goal  *  Sanger and Chowchilla: Models for Clean Energy Financing *  How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Build Resilience * Safeguarding Highway 101 on Humboldt Bay from Rising Sea Levels * Valley Water’s Multi-Pronged Approach to Safeguarding Water Resources  * The Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail *  Smart Sidewalks by Pavegen Systems * Peninsula Clean Energy: Cleaner and Cheaper Energy   [...]

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