Recently, we took a team trip to KitchenTown, for research purposes, of course. Our main objective was taste the local food system. And after two hours of arduous studies, we can positively affirm that the local food system is delicious.

KitchenTown is essentially an incubator for food startups, where local producers have access to state-of-the-art facilities, expert advice, and a food-oriented community. KitchenTown gives these entrepreneurs the opportunity stay product-focused, rather than waste time and energy on inefficient production processes (such as hand cutting baked goods). Eventually, these companies grow up and move out, making room for new companies to thrive in KitchenTown’s industrial kitchen.

We sat at a table in the center of the dining area, where we browsed the shelf items on one side of us and salivated over the pastries on the other. It’s evident that transparency is integral to the operation”from our seats, we could peer through the kitchen’s big glass windows.

And though this innovative and open ambiance is what makes KitchenTown stand out from the crowd, the menu was definitely a highlight for us. It was so loaded with fresh, seasonal foods that none of us could pick just one menu item. After all, lunch is a pivotal decision, and we would absolutely not want to make miss out on the best local fare. So instead of making choices, we opted to eat family style and taste most of the menu.

IMG_2801 IMG_1515

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at KitchenTown, and highly recommend that you experience it for yourself.