Christine Kohl-Zaugg
Christine Kohl-Zaugg, Executive Director
[email christine (at) sustainablesanmateo (dot) org]

Christine Kohl-Zaugg is a long-time San Mateo County resident and accomplished sustainability professional with an MS in Environmental Sciences. For 18+ years, Christine has worked in and with the private sector, the government, non-profits and several start-ups, providing strategic and technical sustainability management consulting. Many of her projects included multi-stakeholder partnerships, looking to find innovative and practical solutions to sustainability issues. This included an early “circular economy” project, involving the cement industry and the government, and leading to the development of technical guidelines on waste-derived, alternative fuels. Details on Christine’s professional background can be found on her LinkedIn profile.

A strong proponent of design thinking and solving issues by using a holistic approach, Christine is excited about the opportunity to help shape Sustainable San Mateo County’s impactful next chapter! Christine welcomes your support, ideas and continued commitment to the organization.

Akansha Yadav, Indicators Program Manager
[email akansha (at) sustainablesanmateo (dot) org]

Akansha has extensive experience in the area of climate change and adaptive social protection policies’ research and advocacy. Her work is driven by her keen interest in integrating design thinking in adaptation planning. She enjoys driving program success through applied research, communications and skillful coordination of resources. Having worked at the grassroots in rural India to generate awareness on climate change and highlight socio-economic and gender-based inequities and vulnerabilities through field research, she is passionate towards finding inclusive solutions to addressing climate change risks.
Akansha believes that huge amount of data generated in the field of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and water-food-energy nexus will be disruptive in the near future and can be harnessed to aggressively push for more sustainable and equitable solutions across sectors and stakeholders. The SSMC’s Indicators Report aligns with her own interest in story telling through data and that is what she is set out to do in her roleas Indicators Program Manager at SSMC!
Akansha has a MA in Development Studies from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom and MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications from India. She lives in San Francisco city and enjoys krav maga and reading in her free time.

Marjory Matic, Administrative Assistant
[email marjory (at) sustainablesanmateo (dot) org]

Marjory Matic is SSMC’s administrative assistant. A native of Scotland, sustainability and living in harmony with nature was of immense importance in the Celtic culture she grew up in. Growing up in the Scottish countryside, food was mostly home grown, and fresh milk, eggs, chicken and vegetables were readily available and were organically grown as the norm before “organic” ever became a heed to be advertised. Warm baked goods were also a daily staple and seasonal jams were made from the blackberries picked along the hedge groves. Commercial pesticides were not known. Nothing went to waste and reuse and repurpose of household items meant an absolute minimum in household waste.

Being environmentally aware, Marjory believes everyone has social responsibility to help heal the wounds we have inflicted on the earth to support the basic needs of future generations. One particular passion is to support the reduction of plastics that end up in our oceans and to advocate for stricter fish farm regulations and alternatives.

Marjory believes that SSMC aligns with many of her personal values of sustainability.