The Ruth Peterson Award, established in memory of a dedicated SSMC leader and given to an invaluable SSMC volunteer, will be presented to Bernard Bruand.

Bernard does not shy away from the complex and global nature of climate change and building a sustainable community. He was born in France and graduated from Lyon University with a degree in electronics and electro-mechanics. After working for 40 years with Hewlett Packard in France, Germany, Singapore and California, Bernard retired in 2012 and decided to focus on contributing to society. He had a special interest in sustainability and joined the San Mateo Cool City team, linked to the Sierra Club. From there, he was introduced to SSMC and was encouraged to volunteer on the Indicators Report committee.

That was all it took. He joined the Indicators Report team and has contributed to the team every year since. He has also organized the Awards Celebration registration process for the past six years, setting up a brand new system in 2023.

Bernard’s assistance has been instrumental to the growth of these core programs.

His interest in sustainability is reinforced by his two grandchildren. Bernard explains, “As the Native Americans say: the Earth is on loan to us from our grandchildren.”

Join us in celebrating all of our 2024 Sustainability and Green Building winners at our 25th Annual Awards Celebration. Learn more here.