We’ve launched our new, expanded Sustainability Ideas Bank here to help local cities and businesses accelerate sustainability.

The Ideas Bank shares nearly 50 sustainability solutions from cities and businesses that have proven successful in San Mateo County as well as many other areas. It makes it easier for leaders to address climate change and other issues related to sustainability by removing the need for staff members to research the feasibility of ideas and for attorneys to draft new ordinances and policies. Instead, they can move quickly to adopt solutions that have already proven successful elsewhere.

Nearly all ideas include contact information that enable individuals to talk directly with others who have implemented these solutions, along with links to staff reports, ordinances, websites and/or articles of interest. Topics covered are Affordable Housing, Ecology and Biodiversity, Energy, Finance, Food and Agriculture, Transportation, Waste and Water.

We welcome suggestions of new solutions to be added to the Ideas Bank. They should be sent to advocate@sustainablesanmateo.org.
We are grateful to Gratitude Giving Circle and numerous smaller donors for supporting this project, as well as six interns who helped develop it.