Sustainable San Mateo County (SSMC), a nonprofit operating in the county for over 20 years, is dedicated to the long-term health and vitality of San Mateo County through environmental protection, economic development, and social equity. SSMC has thoroughly analyzed and vetted proposed Measure K and supports its passage. Measure K seeks to extend the sunset date of previously passed Measure A (2012) from 2023 to 2043. It is anticipated that Measure K will raise approximately $85 million/year to support continuation of critical county services, and to address long term infrastructure and social issues facing the county.
Specifically, SSMC supports passage of Measure K because:
  • The resultant revenue stream will allow for more integrated, comprehensive, long term planning of complex issues,
  • The revenues will allow for continuation and improvement of critical county services, especially those serving our most vulnerable citizens such as children, low income, seniors and the disabled,
  • The programs funded to date through Measure A (2012) have been quite successful and are consistent with the mission and values of SSMC,
  • The dollars raised will be used to further economic development, social equity, and environmental protection,
  • The proposed revenues will enhance the financial feasibility and financial standing of the county as it addresses long term infrastructure and social issues, such as increased affordable housing,
  • Measure K is not a new tax but a continuation of existing county revenues.
Please join us in voting YES this November. Learn more about Measure K at