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Sustainability Ideas Bank

The Sustainability Ideas Bank is aimed at city and business leaders throughout San Mateo County who want to drive sustainability progress in their jurisdiction or business sector. It compiles sustainability solutions for cities and businesses that have been implemented successfully, both locally and throughout the U.S. We include contact information so that leaders can talk directly with others who have adopted these solutions and are ready to share.

This resource, created by Sustainable San Mateo County, is designed to make it easier for cities and businesses to address climate change and other issues related to sustainability by removing the need for staff members to research the feasibility of ideas and, for the cities, for city attorneys to draft new ordinances. Instead, local leaders will be able to adopt solutions that have already proven successful and cost-effective elsewhere.

The Sustainability Ideas Bank doesn’t sit on a shelf. It is a continuously evolving tool and is growing as progress is made and new challenges arise. SSMC has been measuring annual sustainability progress by cities in San Mateo County since 1997 through its Indicators Reports, and this data can help guide cities and businesses on where to focus their efforts.

Click here to see a summary of some ideas included in the Sustainability Ideas Bank. Longer documents outlining the ideas, including contact info, are made availble to local cities and businesses upon request.

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