Use an environmentally aware auto body repair shop

Use an environmentally aware auto body repair shop


Hazardous waste: With the use of water based paints, a flocculent agent may be used up to 10 times to remove the small amount of paint remaining thus reducing the number of trips to the end recycler in Azusa, CA.

A dry sanding procedure should be implemented to reduce the amount of water used.

There are auto body shops that go beyond the rules and regulations and follow European technology which is about 5-7 years in advance of the United States. See below and Resources for suggestions.

Submitted by Ruth Peterson, San Mateo

Take Action:

  • Make sure your insurance company refers you to a shop that meets the above criteria. While the insurance company may direct you to a specific shop, you may choose any shop you want for your repairs.

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Photo: Par Auto Body Owner Gustavo Samayoa is seen here outside the auto body shop

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