Inspiring Children Through Sustainable Living

Inspiring Children Through Sustainable Living


Bottom Line: Susty Kids, Inc. is a non-profit organization that inspires and challenges elementary students to adopt and promote sustainable lifestyles.

Susty Kids, Inc. is committed to supporting children as they learn, retain, and apply sustainable practices at home and in their communities. They offer no cost in school and after school environmentally focused enrichment programs that promote sustainable activities; inspiring these children to become their communities’ future agents of change. The organization’s no cost program model levels the playing field for all children regardless of who they are or where they come from. Some projects include aquaponics, where the children learn how to grow food without soil, while using recycled water; a “compost challenge” where the children are taught how to compost various food scraps from their lunches; and a junk mail campaign where the children educate their community on the direct impact that junk mail has on excessive water use and increased landfill debris.

One Susty Kid parent commented on the effect the organization has had on her daughter saying:

“It makes me feel proud to see my daughter’s determination in sharing her sustainability ideals. I am proud to see the energy, dedication, and passion my daughter has for our planet. For example, after each meal at home we sort out the garbage into piles and dispose of it accordingly. She is encouraging her cousins and friends to take showers instead of baths and she has also encouraged us to invest in purchasing all LED energy efficient lights.”

Susty Kids, Inc. emphasizes the importance of balancing the body, mind, and planet to make the world a better place to grow. Susty Kids, Inc. empowers children to dream big and never allow their race, sex, or ethnicity prevent them from accomplishing their dreams.

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