Stop Junk Mail – Save a Tree

Stop Junk Mail – Save a Tree


In an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated in the form of junk mail, a coalition of more than 110 Bay Area cities, counties, and businesses has launched the “Stop Junk Mail” campaign. This year, the campaign will be launched exclusively online in an effort to further reduce paper use. The heart of the campaign is the on-line “Stop Junk Mail Kit.” It takes less than 5 minutes and can save years of hassle and aggravation, not to mention a huge amount of wasted paper.

The kit offers residents and businesses a simple solution to reducing unsolicited mail with online forms and ready-to-send letters to organizations designed to protect consumer privacy. The kit will remove your name from junk mail clearinghouses, credit card companies, and the like. It offers options to choose to stop only some types of mail or to opt out of the whole mess.

Take Action:

  • Visit the Stop Junk Mail Website and fill out your “Stop Junk Mail Kit”.
  • Visit RecycleWorks for more ideas of how to reduce waste.


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