San Mateo Acting Responsibly Together (SMART)

San Mateo Acting Responsibly Together (SMART)


Smart Card
Individuals who are members of the SMART program will receive a SMART card that will provide them with discounts and promotional offers from businesses that are participating in the SMART program. Businesses participating in the SMART program will be taking steps to reduce their carbon output and will be rewarded for doing so.

SMART Speakers
The SMART program is sponsoring speakers to give presentations about how to become more sustainable at schools, community organizations, churches, businesses and conventions. The speakers are free and function to motivate, encourage and educate.

SMART @ Schools
Educational programs have been developed for schools to educate kids on modern environmental issues and what they can do to help.

Carbon Calculator
On the website, you can calculate your own carbon footprint, find resources on how to reduce your footprint, join the SMART program, schedule a SMART speaker to speak, learn about LEED standard building, and more.

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