Reduce Food Waste and Help the Hungry

Reduce Food Waste and Help the Hungry


Bottom Line: Peninsula Food Runner is an organization dedicated to repressing hunger by reducing the waste of food in the San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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It is a free service provided by volunteers to pick up unwanted food. Presently they are delivering 15,000 meals to those in need every week. Peninsula Food Runner will pick up food from restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hospitals, event planners, corporate cafeterias, and hotels; to deliver and ensure food for those in shelters and programs to feed the hungry.

Peninsula Food Runners has been expanding for the past 10 months all solely run by volunteers. They use technology to help alert volunteers, coordinate and arrange the “pickups” and deliveries. An android app will soon be available.

“People who like to cook are generous, and they like to see others being fed. The volunteers who pick up and deliver the food have an immediate sense of helping others at the most fundamental level. And the recipients have tangible proof that their fellow community member’s really care.” says the founder of the SF Food Runner, whom inspired Peninsula Food Runner founder, Maria Yap to provide this service here in the Peninsula. Read their story.”

The Process:
They have a webpage which allows for donors to set up a free account and once the account is activated, the donors can begin to request a food pickup. This application automatically ensures a connection to a local recipient which explain why many of the food pick up can be accomplish within an hour or less. The connection match is based on criteria of location, business hours and types of food needed. The system will alert volunteers and volunteers have the option to assign themselves to any particular food runs that might be available for pickup. The delivery information will then be made available to the volunteer so that they can deliver the food to the recipient. If you are an organization or business that services those in need, please sign up on their website to be become a recipient. Peninsula Food Runners will support all organizations as long as donors and volunteers continues to generously donate.

Take Action:
When you sign up, you will see available areas of coverage that you can choose from to donate or to volunteer. In addition, Peninsula Food Runner website also provides a list of recipients (shelters) you can donate your food to if you are donating from home. Please consider donating your catered/home cook meals rather than wasting it. Food waste in landfills affect the water, air, environment and biodiversity.

Peninsula Food Runners believes that everyone should be able to get food regardless of which organization they represent as long as they are a non profit that serves those in need. Peninsula Food Runners depend on volunteers to help make this free food distribution a success. Please visit their Donor and Volunteer pages to learn more. Check here for food recovery programs in other bay area counties.

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