Enriching San Mateo County’s South Coast Community

Enriching San Mateo County’s South Coast Community


Bottom Line: Puente de la Costa Sur is the only Community Resource Center for San Mateo County’s South Coast communities of Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, and San Gregorio. Puente both advocates for these communities and leverages resources that foster economic prosperity and security, and that promote individual and community health and wellness.

Since 1998, Puente de la Costa Sur has been a catalyst for inclusive new solutions and opportunities in the rural community of the South Coast and beyond. They believe in the community’s capacity to turn dreams into action and that every member of the community deserves the opportunity to learn and grow. They advocate for fair, equitable, prevention-oriented policies and practices in the areas of education, youth employment, housing, medical care, transportation, and food security.

Puente offers a variety of programs that cultivate a vibrant and dynamic community. They strive to promote self-determination, self-sufficiency, social justice, and a commitment to the natural environment and their collective history, heritage, and community. They provide comprehensive education and leadership development programs designed to transform lives and support residents to advocate for themselves and their communities.

The Puente de la Costa Sur programs focus on 3 specific areas: transformation, community, and advocacy. Transformation refers to programs that support education, jobs, and leadership development to transform lives and empower advocates. Some programs include: English classes for Spanish speakers; homework clubs for children and their parents; tutoring, SAT, and GED preparation; and many more. Community refers to Puente’s commitment to cultivating a strong sense of community. Programs include: Spanish classes for English speakers to promote bilingual communication and friendships; The Madres Project, which combats depression among Latina mothers; backpacks filled with school supplies for children to go back to school; and more! Advocacy refers to programs that provide safety-net services and aim to secure support in the areas of education, housing, medical care, transportation, and food security on par with the rest of San Mateo County. Programs include: monthly food distribution in collaboration with Second Harvest; health screening, immunization, and educational outreach; enrollment in health insurance and food security programs; mental health counseling and peer support; and many more.

Puente is an integral and active member of the rural San Mateo County South Coast Community. They are a community that is healthy, inclusive, and sustainable, with diverse populations that strive to accomplish their highest individual and community dreams.

Take Action:

Puente de la Costa Sur has a number of ways for community members to get involved:

For more information visit their website or call (650)-747-0248.

For a list of specific staff member phone numbers and email addresses click here.


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