Protect the Beach, Unite a Community

Protect the Beach, Unite a Community


Bottom Line: Pacifica Beach Coalition is an organization dedicated to preserving the ocean, coastal habitat and wildlife, and ending litter, through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action.

The Pacifica Beach Coalition (PBC) serves as a positive force for change. They have worked since 1997 to clean the beaches, educate and inspire volunteers, and make a difference. The PBC’s strong leadership, engaging activities, tireless enthusiasm, and hard work are major reasons why Pacifica’s beaches and neighborhoods are clean. The PBC is a powerful advocate for clean oceans to protect marine species, and their passion has inspired thousands to join them in their quest.

Volunteer work done by the PBC greatly benefits, unites, and builds social equity in the Pacifica community. They quietly mentor many youth, including members of the Pacifica-based 4-H Million Trees Project, by putting them in positions to succeed. The PBC recognizes that youth are the future of sustainability and environmental protection. Each year, the PBC adopts a different threatened local marine species as the mascot of its campaigns, which helps children identify with the importance of marine conservation. They offer conservation education to Pacifica students through classes, assemblies, and events that will hopefully instill a lifelong environmental ethic.

The PBC is creating a model community of citizens who protect wildlife by eliminating litter, reducing storm water pollution, and protecting the city’s beaches, creeks and storm drains. Through grass-roots action, the PBC has taken on Pacifica’s coastal environmental health and improved it dramatically. They first began with about 6 people cleaning up trash on Linda Mar Beach once a month. Now there are cleanups every week, one at each beach in Pacifica, with over 8000 volunteers throughout the year. Their effort has greatly reduced the amount of trash and pollution heading out into the ocean. The all-volunteer PBC has grown to become a major force for environmental protection and conservation education in San Mateo County. The Pacifica Beach Coalition believes that their model will inspire and help guide other communities around the world to do the same.

Environmental preservation is essential to maintaining the integrity and vitality of the community and economy. Keeping the coast and community clean and beautiful will undoubtedly attract people from all over. These people will shop, live, and positively contribute to the San Mateo County economy.

Take Action:

The Pacifica Beach Coalition is always looking for volunteers and would love to have you join their team. You can get involved with the Pacifica Beach Coalition through a variety of volunteer projects:

  • Weekly Beach Cleanups
  • Adopt-A-Beach
  • Join the Weekly Green Team
  • Become a Student Liaison
  • And many, many more!

For a list of upcoming events, check out the PBC calendar

Check out PBC news updates here

The PBC website is also a great resource for information about environmentally responsible citizen actions:

  • To learn how Pacifica banned smoking at its beaches and on the pier click here
  • For information about the Beach Restoration & Native Plant Fund click here
  • Check out the BaitTank Tobacco Litter Reduction Education Initiative here
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