Get a GreenPoint Rating on your home or business

Get a GreenPoint Rating on your home or business


The GreenPoint Rated system, run by a Berkeley non-profit BuildItGreen, removes the guesswork by having a Certified GreenPoint Rater evaluate a home’s green features allowing homes to be compared on a level playing field. Homes are evaluated on these five criteria: Resource Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Water Conservation, Community and Energy Efficiency. Plus the organization runs separate programs for new and existing homes.

The GreenPoint Rated system is also increasingly being adopted by local governments to enforce green building ordinances. Both Brisbane and San Mateo County use the GreenPoint Rated system in their ordinances.

Take Action:

  • For information on the GreenPoint Rated new home program click here.
  • Specifics on the existing home program can be found here.
  • For general information on the non-profit Build It Green
  • Visit the Resource Directory Home/Garden section for more information and resources on green building and greening your home here

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