Convert Your Car to Biodiesel

Convert Your Car to Biodiesel


No major conversion is needed if the car has a diesel engine. Simply replace the rubber fuel lines with metal ones because biodiesel is known to wear rubber fuel lines down. Biodiesel is a solvent and as such it will clean your diesel engine and your fuel method, releasing accumulated diesel deposits. The release of deposits may clog filters initially so precautions should be taken. You can switch from biodiesel back to diesel and vice versa anytime you want.

Warning! If you have a 2008 or 2009 car or light duty diesel truck, Biodiesel in any blend will dilute your motor oil. If you convert a VW it may cause your “check engine” light to go on, but if you change your oil often you should be fine.

Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO) is not the same as biodiesel and an expensive conversion kit is pretty much mandatory for SVO-only operation. SVO does not meet biodiesel fuel specifications, is not registered with the EPA, and is not a legal motor fuel.

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Visit the WVO Designs Biodiesel Wiki and the Official Site of the National Biodiesel Board to learn about Biodiesel uses, background, availability, policies, and more!


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