Bicycle Boulevards Create Greener Streets

Bicycle Boulevards Create Greener Streets


Successful bicycle boulevards not only increase bicycle usage, but also encourage walking and use of surrounding facilities like bus lines, schools, and trails”all of which reduce carbon emissions.

In addition, because of their ability to “reduce pollutants to water bodies from surface water discharges” bicycle boulevards are a key element in sustainable city designs. The copper residue from brake pads and the condensation of mercury from vehicle exhaust are major sources of pollution in our storm drains and ultimately in the Bay, the Ocean, and our streams and creeks.

In the future, a network of bicycle boulevards at half-mile frequency would provide increased options for commuters. It would enhance a city’s ability to conform to the requirements of the Clean Water Act, and when coupled with surface treatments that allow for seepage and swales, bicycle boulevards would also reduce the need for treatment facilities to treat stormwater runoff in the future.

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