Accelerate the Effectiveness of Your Green Team

Accelerate the Effectiveness of Your Green Team


They help their organizations see the strategic risks and opportunities of sustainability that exist beyond business as usual. Sustainable Silicon Valley’s Green Team Lead Program accelerates the learning, development and growth of these Bay Area leaders and their teams.

Sustainable Silicon Valley facilitates quarterly face-to-face meetings of 40-50 Green Team leads from public and private sectors. Discussions in these meetings include: developing the business case for sustainability, often the single most effective way to accelerate decisive action; how to identify, prioritize, track and measure green projects; how to engage critical employees needed to execute green projects; how to address challenges of political navigation and culture change for sustainability; sharing of best practices, tools, challenges, and opportunities; expert training needs and how to form new teams.

As these Green Teams increase in effectiveness, they are more able to take on the more difficult challenges in their organizations in moving to zero carbon footprint and reducing resource usage. Through the network multiplier effect, these organizations influence their employees, suppliers, distributors, customers, partners, and communities to do the same. The more advanced Green Teams are making their core products and services more green while others are inventing innovative opportunities for new sustainable products and services. These teams and SSVs program boost the social innovation in our region for more effective movement toward a sustainable economy.

For more info, contact Mary Ann Gallagher
Sustainable Silicon Valley Green Team Progarm Manager

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