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SSMC Hosted its First Virtual Sustainability Happy Hour

The coronavirus postponed SSMC’s Annual Awards dinner to July 10 but it didn’t stop our community from coming together virtually.  Many attendees had marked Thursday, April 2 on their calendars for SSMC's Annual Awards dinner. When the pandemic upended the celebration and our lives seemingly overnight, our resilient community still found a way to connect.  That night, 22 attendees gathered for SSMC’s first virtual Sustainable Happy Hour. After a round of introductions, including features of impressive home-made green drinks, the group broke into three smaller discussion groups. The overarching theme was "How do we turn this crisis into an opportunity?"  [...]

SSMC Hosted its First Virtual Sustainability Happy Hour2020-06-08T17:53:22-05:00

Key Indicator 2019 Climate Change: How do we respond?

Climate change will impact the socio-economic viability of every community while also affecting infrastructure, built systems, social aspects and public health. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature, precipitation, and sea level are certain to impact health, natural resources, coastal ecology, transportation, energy infrastructure, and food and water security. In 2018, Sustainable San Mateo County’s Annual Key Indicator Report presented the complex interconnection between systems and behaviors that drive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and how these emissions lead to climate change, highlighting the urgent need to take action. The Annual Key Indicator Report 2019 continues to explore climate change with a [...]

Key Indicator 2019 Climate Change: How do we respond?2020-06-10T15:53:34-05:00

Experts and leaders addressing the “Future of Transportation” in Redwood City

Peninsula Family Service, a nonprofit serving local families in four Bay Area Counties - including San Mateo County - organized "The Future of Transportation: Clean Energy & Transformation" event as part of its Thought Leader Series.  The May 15, 2019 event was co-sponsored by Sustainable San Mateo County (SSMC) along with Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) and Thrive.  It included 3 keynote speakers and a panel discussion.  There were over 50 guests attending. The discussion revolved around issues of increasing carbon emissions from conventional transportation and pathways to switch to alternative options for transportation, including Electric Vehicles (EVs).  The speakers also [...]

Experts and leaders addressing the “Future of Transportation” in Redwood City2020-06-11T16:18:49-05:00

SSMC Indicators Report Launch Event highlights local successes

Six speakers offered ideas on reducing carbon emissions at a Sustainable San Mateo County (SSMC) luncheon on November 1 unveiling the 22nd annual Indicators Report, which focuses on climate change. Sponsored by and Peninsula Clean Energy, the event welcomed over 100 attendees and exhibitors, and was supported by a team of SSMC's volunteers. The updated Indicators Report is available on SSMC's website, featuring a special report on Climate Change Action. Addressing the crowd at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood City, Christine Kohl-Zaugg, SSMC's executive director, said the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) United Nations report on climate [...]

SSMC Indicators Report Launch Event highlights local successes2020-06-11T16:16:48-05:00

Impossible Foods: Lowering the Carbon Footprint with Plant-burgers

The founders of local start-up, Impossible Foods, were inspired to make a product that would curb meat-lover's carbon footprint and improve biodiversity. At a tour of their facility, we learned that over time the planet's biodiversity has taken a dive as humans and the cattle we harvest represent an increasing amount of terrestrial biomass. In 2016, humans took up 420 million metric tons and cattle, 1 billion tons of biomass, while other animals only represent 90 million tons (Impossible Foods, 2018). In our 2018 Indicators Report on Climate Change Action, we noted the impact of food choices on greenhouse gas [...]

Impossible Foods: Lowering the Carbon Footprint with Plant-burgers2020-06-11T16:23:40-05:00

SSMC at the Bay Area Climate Emergency Town Hall

With our focus on climate this year, we jumped at the chance to learn from a diverse group of leaders, scientists, and activists at the Bay Area Climate Emergency Town Hall. Hosted by the City of Berkeley, which recently declared a climate emergency, the meeting encouraged "accelerated timelines for the elimination of GHG emissions" through an environmental justice perspective that offers pivotal solutions to climate change. Opening remarks by the Mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin, confirmed that "this is not just an emergency, this is an emergency of our moral obligation to the world." Vice Mayor, Cheryl Davila, welcomed Corrina [...]

SSMC at the Bay Area Climate Emergency Town Hall2020-06-11T16:21:29-05:00

SSMC June 2018 Event: Speakers Give Tips on Engaging Communities

"There's no question that climate change is the challenge of our time," Supervisor Dave Pine told those attending a Sustainable San Mateo County event called "Mobilize Your Community to Solve Climate Change" on June 15 at the San Carlos Public Library. The San Mateo County supervisor explained how that message was driven home to him during a recent trip to Australia, where he snorkeled among coral reefs and some of the world's oldest rain forests, which are in danger of disappearing due to extreme temperatures. "I was wondering if I'm going to be one of the last people to see [...]

SSMC June 2018 Event: Speakers Give Tips on Engaging Communities2018-06-30T09:38:54-05:00

Sustainability Conference This Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dig in to a lively afternoon of learning about local sustainability projects and how you can make an impact. Local experts will explain the surprising benefits of carbon farming, share accomplishments in renewable energy, and demonstrate the science behind home composting. Thanks to Peninsula Clean Energy, the first 100 registrants will receive a free copy of Paul Hawken's inspiring book "Drawdown". Sign-up here for a chance at your own copy! SUSTAINABILITY CONFERENCE When: APRIL 28, 2018 / 1-5 PM Where: San Mateo County Event Center, Sequoia Hall (Room 7) Cost: Free! Sustainable San Mateo County is proud to collaborate with [...]

Sustainability Conference This Saturday, April 28, 20182018-04-28T00:56:59-05:00

The Clean Energy Revolution in San Mateo County

100% Clean Energy: Of the county, for the county, by the county Hey, San Mateo County residents and business owners, did you hear that clean energy explosion at midnight on April 1, 2017? It was a massive attack of carbon-free electricity, shocked right into your home and office. Solar, wind and hydro kilowatts seizing your cable box, refrigerator and smartphone. Can you hear it now? Probably not. But listen up: it's a revolution! This quiet but brilliant move was beautifully orchestrated on our behalf by city and county leaders in early 2016. Leveraging a little-known state law, AB117 from 2002, [...]

The Clean Energy Revolution in San Mateo County2017-12-22T19:33:31-05:00

A Brief Guide to the Indicators Report

What gets measured, gets managed For those new to the SSMC Indicators Report or just seeking a refresher, this extensive examination of our County's economy, environment, and overall well-being, provides critical independent statistics and summarized insights on the most pressing regional issues. With rolling coverage of 12 categories -- including education, energy, healthcare, and housing -- as well as a rotating annual focus area, the report reveals challenges and opportunities facing residents and wage earners. Overseeing hundreds of annual research and design hours, the current Indicators Program Manager, Flora Kaplan, guides the report using its 21-year philosophy -- "what gets [...]

A Brief Guide to the Indicators Report2017-11-06T16:32:02-05:00