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Protect the Beach, Unite a Community

Bottom Line: Pacifica Beach Coalition is an organization dedicated to preserving the ocean, coastal habitat and wildlife, and ending litter, through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action.

Electronics Recycling Made Easy

Electronic equipment, such as computers, printers, or TV’s, should not be sent to the landfill. There are a number of resources available to local residents and businesses to help with quick and easy recycling of these items.

Electronics RecyclingAged or obsolete electronics should not be thrown away along with your normal garbage. Most electronics contain hazardous substances such as mercury or other heavy metals like lead or arsenic. These compounds, if introduced to municipal waste streams, can cause contamination of groundwater and soils. For more information on the hazards of electronic equipment, go to the EPA’s website.

Restore Wetlands with Recycled Water from Your Water Treatment Facility

Bottom Line: Wastewater recycling plants can recycle water using ultraviolet disinfection and use the water to restore wetlands using the hydro geomorphic model (GHM).

Restore Wetlands_Water Treatment PlantThe Calera Creek Waste Water Recycling Plant (WWRP) in Pacifica can treat 4 million gallons of sewage per day (up to 20 MGD during storm events) using its innovative treatment techniques. This plant helped pioneer the use of ultraviolet disinfection for wastewater effluent in California. UV treatment allows release of recycled water into wetlands because residual chlorine is not allowed in the permitting process. To minimize visual impact, the entire facility except for the filters and control building are buried in a hillside covered with native plants. Odor control scrubbers pull air from all process areas to neutralize odor-causing gases.

Half Moon Bay Eco-Tourism Campaign

Bottom Line: No need to go to Costa Rica, Eco-tourism opportunities abound right here in San Mateo County

Coastside EcoTourismVisit the Half Moon Bay Coastside, 80 miles of coastal splendor filled with abundant natural, historical and cultural wonders. From some of the richest marine reserves and wetlands on the California coast, to small working farms where you can explore a barnyard and dine on farm-fresh organic produce; from shopping on historic Main Street in Half Moon Bay, to fishing for wild salmon or albacore tuna – the Half Moon Bay Eco-Tourism campaign has it all.