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Zero-emission school buses to reduce costs and clean up the air

The Electric Vehicle (EV) School Bus project is an ambitious, innovative project currently underway in California. It is the largest EV school bus demonstration in the nation that to deploys Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology. The school buses are currently being repowered in Poway, CA by Transpower, USA and will be deployed in Torrance, Kings Canyon and

Making Ocean Health a Priority

Keeping our Oceans Green Anyone who lives within sight and sound of the ocean and who is concerned about the care of our environment has to see that our response to environmental pollution must not stop at the shoreline. While good work is being done to protect and clean up our coast and offshore waters,

San Mateo County (SMC) Works Program

Bottom Line: San Mateo County is using American Recovery and Investment Act funding to provide rental assistance, emergency food and subsidized employment during this economic recession.


San Mateo County residents have increasingly applied for government assistance to pay their bills and buy groceries. SMC Works was created in response to this and seeks to provide for the residents of San Mateo County during the recession when people are increasingly unable to provide for themselves.

San Mateo Acting Responsibly Together (SMART)

Bottom Line: The City of San Mateo has a new program, called SMART, it encourages citizens and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.


SMART’s goal is to reduce the City’s carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. To accomplish this, several programs have been created.

San Mateo County Creates a Food System Alliance

Bottom Line: San Mateo County created a Food System Alliance (FSA) in 2006 to increase collaboration between all people and sectors involved in creating a healthy food system in San Mateo County.

Food System Alliance

Most residents of San Mateo County live in an urban setting with food created by a very small percent of the population. Food production, preparation and marketing have been changed due to technological innovation and many people in San Mateo County are looking to take a more planned approach to our food system.

Sustainability and Energy for Public Agencies – Where to Start

Bottom Line: Get help jumpstarting sustainability at your public agency with this guidebook.


Sustainability is a simple idea with big implications. With all the information and ideas floating around, figuring out how to move towards your sustainability goals may seem overwhelming.

Get a GreenPoint Rating on your home or business

Bottom Line: GreenPoint Rated is a system which rewards building professionals and homeowners who create green homes by allowing them to brand their products with a recognizable, trustworthy seal of approval.

GreenPoint rated logo

How important is energy/environmental friendliness in the sale or purchase of a home? Environmentally friendly homes not only save resources and money, they can last longer, be healthier and more comfortable, and hold their value better than similarly priced homes. But how can you tell if a home really is green?

Save Ink, Save the Planet: Use Ecofont

Bottom Line: Use this font for all your reports, charts, and other word processing needs. It uses 20% less ink, saves you money, and generates less waste from printer cartridges.


The prints we make for our ‘daily use’ not only use paper, but also ink. Plastic printer cartridges, if not recycled, generate waste and fill our landfills. With millions upon millions of printers in the world, imagine the impact of reducing, if only by a little, the amount of ink used in our printing process.

LED Lighting: New Technology With Many Benefits

Bottom Line: Light emitting diodes (or LEDs) are a very sustainable lighting source, and they are increasingly available (and cost competitive) for use in public spaces by cities or schools.

LED LightingBased on semiconductor technology, LED’s have many advantages over traditional light sources including the widely used incandescent bulb and the newer (and energy efficient) compact fluorescent light. LED’s use less energy, last longer, are smaller, and can be changed more quickly. They do not contain mercury. Their disadvantage, as with many new technologies such as solar energy, is greater up-front cost for the user.

Bicycle Boulevards Create Greener Streets

Bottom Line: Green streets are low emission streets. Bicycle boulevards allow for safe (and emission-free) bicycle travel along important routes within the county.

Bicycle BoulevardOn bicycle boulevards such as the one in Palo Alto along Bryant Street, the use of traffic calming devices like chokers and diverters eliminates most auto traffic while permitting bicycle and pedestrian through traffic. The result is significantly reduced auto traffic and much higher bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

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