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Is your house good for solar?

Bottom Line: If you’re thinking about going solar, knowing that your home and solar are a good match makes the shopping process even easier. Here are the top five questions and answers that will help you determine whether solar is right for your home (read on, it might surprise you).

Zero-emission school buses to reduce costs and clean up the air

The Electric Vehicle (EV) School Bus project is an ambitious, innovative project currently underway in California. It is the largest EV school bus demonstration in the nation that to deploys Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology. The school buses are currently being repowered in Poway, CA by Transpower, USA and will be deployed in Torrance, Kings Canyon and

Be an energy- and water-saving HERO with new HERO program

Bottom Line: the HERO Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program makes it easy to finance energy- and water-saving home improvements.

Drinking Water from The Tap is Safe, Cheap and Protects the Environment

Bottom Line: Reduce your ecological impact and potential health hazards by drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Bottled water is not necessarily any cleaner or safer than water from the tap.

BottledDrinkingWater-image2Health and Quality
San Mateo County Tap water is highly regulated and tested for public safety by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Safe Drinking Water Act authorizes the EPA to enforce health standards for drinking water and requires public notification of water system violations and annual reports to consumers on contaminants found in drinking water. Alternatively, bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which often uses EPA’s tap water standards to determine safety. However, the FDA exempts from testing water that is packaged and sold within the same state, which accounts for 60 to 70 percent of all bottled water sold in the United States. Bottled water is not necessarily any cleaner or safer than water from the tap.

Green Business Certification Pays

Bottom Line: Green business certification is a marketing asset, cost cutting measure, energy saver, workforce morale booster and overall smart business strategy.

Green Business CertificationThe Bay Area Green Business Program is a successful partnership between cities, counties, environmental agencies, and utility companies that assist businesses in transitioning to practices that are environmentally friendly. There is often an upfront time and dollar investment in gaining green business certification, but almost all businesses agree the savings are worth it after a short payback period. The largest cost saving efforts usually include waste reduction and recycling, lighting upgrades, water conservation, and sourcing recycled products. Local colleges and universities may have graduate level students that are willing to help with energy audits and compliance reviews. Once a business satisfies the requirements on the green business checklist, including visits by PG&E and the water agency, the Green Business Coordinator verifies the results.

Accelerate the Effectiveness of Your Green Team

Bottom Line: Green Teams can make organizations more sustainable and businesses more profitable.

Some employees respond to our current sustainability challenges and opportunities by becoming intrapreneurs, regardless of their role or positions. These intrapreneurs start green teams in their organizations to make them more sustainable and–for businesses–more profitable.

Sustainability and Energy for Public Agencies – Where to Start

Bottom Line: Get help jumpstarting sustainability at your public agency with this guidebook.


Sustainability is a simple idea with big implications. With all the information and ideas floating around, figuring out how to move towards your sustainability goals may seem overwhelming.

Join the RightLights Program

Bottom Line: Ecology Action’s RightLights Program provides subsidized energy efficiency upgrades of business lighting and refrigeration systems, with free professional assistance to help you lower your energy bills and boost your cash flow.

right lights

Is your business’ utility bill too high? An innovative non-profit offers a great opportunity to businesses to reduce their energy bills, save money, and boost productivity.

Let Acterra Help You Green Your Home

Bottom Line: Green@Home HouseCalls help fight climate change by saving residents energy and money while reducing climate changing CO2 emissions. Trained volunteers meet with residents in their homes to install simple energy-saving devices and create home energy conservation plans.


Did you know that U.S. households produce 21% of the country’s global warming causing emissions? That means that smart choices at home can really make a difference! Green@Home helps communities take action to reduce global warming by making their homes more energy efficient. “HouseCalls” are available to all residents of participating cities whether you rent or own.

Eliminate Vampire Power Usage

Bottom Line: Vampire power usage (also called “stand-by” power usage) can be eliminated by following a few simple steps

Vampire PowerYour home electronics use a lot of electricity when they are turned on, but did you know that many electronics and computer equipment, go into stand-by and continue to consume electricity, even after you’ve turned them off?

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