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Electronics Recycling Made Easy

Electronic equipment, such as computers, printers, or TV’s, should not be sent to the landfill. There are a number of resources available to local residents and businesses to help with quick and easy recycling of these items.

Electronics RecyclingAged or obsolete electronics should not be thrown away along with your normal garbage. Most electronics contain hazardous substances such as mercury or other heavy metals like lead or arsenic. These compounds, if introduced to municipal waste streams, can cause contamination of groundwater and soils. For more information on the hazards of electronic equipment, go to the EPA’s website.

After School Programs with a Difference

Bottom Line: Are you a working parent who needs a place for your kids to go after school? Do you like the idea of being involved in your kids’ pre-school experience? How about a summer camp experience where children learn as well as play?

AFter School ProgramBelmont’s Cipriani After-School Care [CASC] is a very special organization that has grown markedly and received many awards since it began in 1994. It started when Karen Haas-Foletta bid on the on-site child care program at Belmont’s Cipriani Elementary School, which was reopening after a 10 year closure.