2022 Indicators Report: Building Electrification in San Mateo County

Reducing carbon emissions in buildings is one of the most effective ways to address climate change, and San Mateo County is leading the way. Almost all of the towns and cities in the county, 17 out of 20, have limited natural gas (which is primarily methane) in new construction. The county itself has gotten on board, too. Along with Santa Clara County, the San Francisco Peninsula has the highest concentration of jurisdictions that have adopted ordinances limiting gas in the U.S. These efforts have been supported and encouraged by the Campaign for Fossil Free Buildings in Silicon Valley (FFBSV), a coalition of 39 organizations that has inspired many other cities and counties across the U.S. to join in advocating for building electrification. More than 60 jurisdictions in California have limited gas in new construction to date.
This report focuses on the opportunities and challenges of leading the nation in a move from dangerous pipeline gas to clean electric energy for buildings. The report outlines efforts in San Mateo County and across California to electrify buildings, the benefits and complexities of electrification efforts, best practices from other parts of the country and the world, and ways that residents and policymakers in San Mateo County can move the needle on this important issue.

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Each section of the 2022 Indicators Report: Building Electrification in San Mateo County is available as a separate PDF.