Living sustainably means that we meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable, long-term planning balances a vibrant economy, a socially equitable community, and a healthy environment.

About the Indicators Report

Indicators for a Sustainable San Mateo County provides fact-based information on local trends impacting our economy, environment, and society. Propelled by the philosophy “what gets measured, gets managed,” the Report presents indicators that raise awareness of sustainability in the county and improve our ability to make sound decisions for the benefit of future generations.

The indicators in this Report are used by governments, businesses, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations to set goals, measure progress towards achieving them, and prioritize the allocation of scarce resources. In addition to the indicators, the Report highlights success stories, showcases positive changes that local governments and businesses are making, and presents resources for individuals to take further action.

Each year, we feature a Key Indicator, which provides an in-depth look at a current issue that is critical to the long-term sustainability of San Mateo County. This year’s (2019) Key Indicator, Climate Change – How Do We Respond? explores climate change with a focus on key actions which are being driven by multiple agencies and businesses in San Mateo County (SMC). The report presents long term hazard mitigation strategies for wildfires and inundation, infrastructure management of transportation and renewable energy systems, and human welfare aspects of health, adaptation and resilience-building along with social equity as a cross-cutting theme weaved in throughout the report.

This Report would not be possible without our sponsors and dedicated team of volunteers, each of whom contributed time and energy to help research, edit, and design the pages. We also thank the local experts who reviewed and commented on draft indicators.


Sustainable San Mateo County gratefully acknowledges the work of its founders, Board and Committee members, and the many volunteers who helped make this year’s report.

Indicators Committee
Chair: Catherine Brooker
Program Manager: Akansha Yadav
Members: Christine Kohl-Zaugg, Bryan Chen, David Crabbe, Bernard Bruand, Sam Herzberg, Chris Wolken

Indicators Production Team
Launch: Christine Kohl-Zaugg, Akansha Yadav, Catherine Brooker
Graphic and Brochure Design: Charmaine Esmeralda
Website: Kevin Wacknov
Printed Materials Design: Ricki McGlashan

Volunteers for 2019 

Researchers: Akansha Yadav, Alanna Bauman, Aleksander Weber, Anna Kim, Arati Vaze, Celeste Estrella, Christine Kohl-Zaugg, Chris Lamm, Christopher Mason, Gil Navarrete, Hamilton Bolton, Imogen Drummond, Maggie Hernandez, Mary Thomasmeyer, Monica Siebert, Nathan Gee, Pabitra Chatterjee, Skylar Fykes, Tatyana Livshits, Ubaid Rahman,

Data Visualization: Nathan Gee, Zach Wong, Tatyana Livshits, Lucrecia Rivera

GIS: Chris Lamm

Full Report Editor: Robert Lipscomb