Economy by the Numbers

15,698,341,871: Total taxable sales, in dollars, in the county in 2014. After five years of increases, total taxable sales (adjusted for inflation) are 27% higher than the recent low in 2009.

23,368,827,700: Venture capital (VC) investment, in dollars, in Silicon Valley in 2014, up 80% from the year prior.

1,250,000: Median sales price, in dollars, of a single family home in San Mateo County in 2015, a 19% increase from the year prior.

2,562: Market Average Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in 2015.

384,200: Total number of employed county residents in 2015, up 3.15% from 2014.

336,700: Number of jobs at employers located within the county in 2013.

16,418: Number of new housing units that need to be built in San Mateo County between 2014-2022 under the Regional Housing Need Allocation.

77: Percent of businesses in the county that had 0-9 employees; over 60% of employees in the county, however, worked for businesses with 50 or more employees in 2013.

133: Number of businesses in the county certified under the county’s Green Business Certification program in 2016.

30: Percent of housing stock in the county that was built before 1960.

35: Percent of households in the county with a mortgage that pay more than 35% of their household income on housing costs.

3.4: Unemployment rate in the county as of 2015, this is the second lowest of all counties in the state.

Economy at a Glance 2012 (download pdf of table)

With the changing economy, no one has lifetime employment. But community colleges provide lifetime employability.

– President Barack Obama