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Sustainable San Mateo County has been tracking sustainability progress in the county since 1997 through its annual Indicators Report. This report provides fact-based information on sustainability indicators and local trends impacting San Mateo County’s economy, environment and social equity. Since its inception, the Indicators Report has been welcomed as a credible source of information by governments, businesses, civic groups and nonprofit organizations that use it to set goals, measure progress and prioritize resource allocation.

Propelled by the philosophy that “what gets measured, gets managed,” the report presents metrics, success stories and showcases positive changes that raise awareness of sustainability in the local cities and our county. In addition to measuring progress, the Indicators Report offers case studies of local governments and businesses, as well as data-driven insights and resources that help sustainability practitioners make sound decisions for the benefit of future generations.

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2020 Key Indicator Report

Conventional fossil fuel energy sources are huge contributors to greenhouse gases (GHG) and climate change. In 2020 Sustainable San Mateo County’s annual Key Indicator focused on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency measures in San Mateo County. We took a closer look at how they apply to buildings, water use and waste management, land use and transportation. We also explored how equitable financing and community outreach efforts can strengthen demand for renewable energy.

San Mateo County’s roadmap to decarbonization includes leveraging smart building technologies to optimize energy use in existing and new buildings. It also includes a rapid community shift to 100 percent greenhouse gas-free electricity as well as fostering innovative, clean, local energy sources and carbon offset projects. Modernizing the grid to build energy resilience, and prioritizing social equity while expanding clean energy access, are also integral parts of the county’s path to decarbonization and its transition to clean energy.

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Sustainable San Mateo County gratefully acknowledges the work of its Board and Indicators Committee members, and the many volunteers who contributed to this year’s report.

Indicators Committee

Program Manager: Akansha Yadav

Members: Bernard Bruand, Bryan Chen, John Crowell, Leane Eberhart, Christine Kohl-Zaugg, Terry Nagel, Robert Whitehair

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Researchers: Hamilton Bolton, John Crowell, Imogen, Drummond, Leane Eberhart, Celeste Estrella, Christine Kohl-Zaugg, Terry Nagel, Spencer Pennington, Ubaid Rahman, Mimi Tam, Calista Triantis, Robert Whitehair, Akansha Yadav

City Survey/ CAP review: Alanna Bauman, John Crowell, Nathan Gee, Aidan Gerber, Yunsheng Luo, Gil Navarrete, Ubaid Rahman, Akansha Yadav

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Full Report Editor: Robert Lipscomb

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