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2014 Awards

2014 Sustainability Awards - Going Places Together

Thursday April 3, 2014 • College of San Mateo

Keynote presentation: Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, international leader in sustainable development, Deputy Chair of the Elders, and Former Prime Minister of Norway (bio on wikipedia); Mimi and Peter E. Haas Distinguished Visitor, Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University

Featured Auctioneer: State Senator Jerry Hill

Guest Emcee: State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin

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2014 Awards Winners

Ruth Peterson Award – SSMC’s highest honor, awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors to an individual who has contributed significantly to our mission.

Ricki McGlashan As a founding Sustainable San Mateo County member and close friend of the late Ruth Peterson, Ricki McGlashan’s contributions to the organization and local sustainability are immeasurable. Her past service as board member, and currently as an advisory board member, only scratch the surface of her 21+ years of commitment to our mission. In addition to significant financial support, she has been an active participant in several program committees and provides graphic design services pro bono for nearly all SSMC materials, including all 16 years of the Indicators Report. An avid cyclist, Ricki has served on the board of the Western Wheelers bicycle club and has also spent decades volunteering for Beyond War and the Foundation for a Global Community. Her passion and upbeat demeanor are infectious, and she spends much of her remaining free time staying active with her grandchildren. A San Mateo County resident for 60 years, Ricki’s commitment to the environment, peace and other civic causes embody the principles and values of the organization.

Sustainability Awards– Recognizes businesses, community groups, city programs, and individuals that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to improving sustainable practices within San Mateo County.

Grand Boulevard Initiative – Watch Video on YouTube

The Grand Boulevard Initiative brings together representatives of all the jurisdictions responsible for the design and planning of the 43-mile long El Camino Real transit corridor from Daly City in San Mateo County to San Jose in Santa Clara County. It sets out a vision for how El Camino Real (ECR) and neighborhoods located within ½ mile either side of ECR (including many existing downtown retail centers) can be developed in a more sustainable, attractive, and people-friendly manner to accommodate anticipated population growth. The Initiative is in response to the State’s Sustainable Communities Strategy, which links transportation and land use planning and encourages new infill development designs so that new residents will be able to safely walk, bike or take public transit to go to work, recreation, services, and retail locations. The Initiative visualizes wider sidewalks, street trees, landscaped roadway medians, bike routes, and safer pedestrian crosswalks. The goal is to redevelop the El Camino corridor so that it can provide enough new housing units to meet countywide housing needs while creating a streetscape that is so attractive that people will want to live and work there.

Reach and Teach – Watch Video on YouTube

Reach and Teach is a retail store on 25th Avenue in San Mateo dedicated to selling books, curricula, music, films, games, toys and fair-trade gifts to help people learn how to make the world a better place and get involved in local and world transformation. They also have “filling stations” where empty laundry, dish or hand soap containers can be refilled with earth-friendly products. The store is employee-owned, supports locally made products, and promotes social equity by bringing local groups together and fostering understanding between different communities. The store is available for community groups to use for meetings, and has hosted several workshops and films ranging from media literacy to the elimination of nuclear weapons. Reach and Teach is an eco-friendly retail store that teaches all ages about economic equity, gender equality, and environment issues. Co-founders, Craig Wiesner and Derrick Kikuchi, have won acclaim and awards for their publications. Reach and Teach is a San Mateo County Certified Green Business.

North Shoreview Montessori School – Watch Video on YouTube

North Shoreview Montessori School (NSMS) is the only school in San Mateo County to be Green Star Certified by RecycleWorks. In addition to following the Montessori method of actively involved learning, it is a public “Magnet School” for Art and Music. NSMS strives to teach students environmental responsibility by encouraging them to care for the environment as a daily activity. Each classroom has a garden and many classrooms bake bread. The school addresses social equity by using a program called Kimochis to help students understand themselves and their peers and to resolve differences. Students test scores are above average, and parents are very involved in the school by doing volunteer work and fundraising. Each week all K-8 students and many parents come together for a “Friday Morning Gathering”, which includes a Pledge to the Earth emphasizing care for all races and living creatures, peace and dignity.

Green Building Award – Sponsored by SSMC, RecycleWorks, and the San Mateo County Chapter of the American Institute of Architects to highlight environmentally friendly design.

5th Avenue Alternative School, Redwood City – Watch Video on YouTube
Architect: Brent McClure, AIA, Cody Anderson Wasney Architects; Builder: Roebbelen Contracting, Inc.; Owner: Sequoia Union High School District

Judges from the local AIA were impressed with the simplicity and beauty of this building. The daylighted atrium and corridors create a delightful atmosphere for sitting, reading and studying between classes. This project sets a high standard for a public school project and is the firstLEEDPlatinumPublic Schoolin the Bay Area. Proper siting of the building and careful computer modeling helped the designers achieve optimal solar and wind-aided natural ventilation through a central clerestory roof monitor. Energy consumption was reduced through daylighting, natural ventilation, and a heat recovery system. The project incorporated photo-voltaic panels on the roof allowing the generation of 77% of the anticipated energy load of the building. The team’s collaborative design approach brought the owner, architects, engineers and contractors together to maximize the implementation of sustainable design strategies, studying each building component: exterior skin, building systems and programs to see how each one affects the building’s final performance. The result is a very vibrant learning environment that will inspire students, teachers and the local community.

Honorable Mention – Affordable Housing at 7555 Mission Street, Daly City – Architect: Dan Ionescu Architects & Planners; Owner and Builder: Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

This development’s unique approach to sustainability through in-kind donations, sweat equity and cost effectiveness was impressive. The architectural design is colorful and comfortable, similar to apartment developments that cost two to three times as much. Yet the reported cost per square foot is $86.56, unheard of in the Bay Area. By integrating energy saving techniques and 162 energy generating solar panels, the designers were able to achieve long term energy efficiency for 36 working families. The gearless elevator uses regenerative drivers to return energy to the electrical grid, eliminating the need for a machine room and petroleum based lubricants. The owner also received a grant from Levi Strauss for the purchase of insulation made from reclaimed denim scraps, which was a great reuse and repurposing of a material with no VOC’s or chemical irritants. Careful selection of materials and detailing provided a durable, environmentally friendly and attractive design.

Thank You to our Awards Committee and Volunteers:

Joanne Bruggemann, Kara Cox, Nancy Crabbe, Tammy Del Bene, Adrienne Etherton, Matt Jones, Ricki McGlashan, Dan Peterson

Thank You to our 2014 Event Sponsors:

Allied Waste, AT&T, Bohannon Development Company, Comcast California, The Cox Family, David Crabbe Architect, DES Architects + Engineers, The Eco Review, Genentech, GreenCityListings, Lyngso Garden Materials, Peninsula Health Care District, PG&E, Recology San Mateo County, RethinkWaste (SBWMA), SamTrans, South San Francisco Scavenger, Bill Schulte, Universal Paragon Corp.

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