DONATE | Sustainable San Mateo County

Video by BaciPix, is a Redwood City-based company that has used its website,, to garner attention to world problems such as AIDS, deforestation and human rights abuses. This unique site empowers its members to start and sign petitions, create networks between non-profit groups and causes, post news articles, send eCards (each of which generates a donation by Care2 to save one-square foot of rainforest), and much more.
Through its network of more than 350 partner non-profit groups, it has flexed its muscle for various causes. For example, through its petitioning site, thousands of people signed a petition in support of upholding state laws that requires the auto industry to reduce car emissions by 30 percent by 2016. Its local presence is more than just where it is based. Of the nearly 8 million members, nearly 20,000 live in San Mateo County.

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