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The 2010 Sustainable San Mateo County Awards winners represent the forefront of those who are making positive contributions to San Mateo County’s economy, environment and social equity. The winners were honored at the 11th Annual Awards Event held on March 11, 2010 at the South San Francisco Conference Center.

Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin (Click to watch video Watch Video)
Since 1916, Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties has offered job-training services that help residents of these counties transform their lives. Known as the “Original Recycler” for its robust recycling programs, Goodwill has also made a profound impact in San Mateo County with its ReCompute computer training program. Program participants refurbish hundreds of computers each year and distribute them at low or no cost to individuals living in the ‘digital divide.’ SSMC congratulates Goodwill for its programs that exemplify all three E’s of sustainability – the economy, social wellbeing, and the environment.

Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART) (Click to watch video Watch Video)
Lack of affordable housing is one of the primary concerns in San Mateo County and is a threat to the County’s long-term vitality. Established in 2003, the mission of HEART is to raise public and private funds to meet critical housing needs in the County. This public/private partnership has invested over $7 million to date to build, renovate, or purchase 662 affordable new homes for working families and seniors. Furthermore, most housing funded by HEART is high density and close to public transit – two of the primary tenets of sustainable development.

Jason Bade (Click to watch video Watch Video)
Now a freshman at Stanford University, Jason made the most of his four years as a student at Aragon High School in San Mateo. Under Jason’s leadership, the schools Environmental Impact Committee saw a host of accomplishments. He lobbied the San Mateo Union High School District to install solar PV panels; reinvigorated the student-run, volunteer recycling program; led the installation of an energy management computer system at the school; organized reusable water bottle sales and sneaker recycling and more. In addition to his accomplishments at Aragon, Jason was also appointed to the City of Foster City’s Environmental Task Force where he was involved in the City’s solid waste reduction efforts.

La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District’s Meal Program (Click to watch video Watch Video)
The school district partnered with the Tom Kat Ranch Educational Foundation to develop a program that annually serves over 40,000 healthy, mostly organic and locally-sourced meals for its schoolchildren. The goals are to educate students at making better food choices and to establish a program supported by and benefitting the local community. This program helps reduce the agricultural use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers . SSMC applauds and encourages programs that are easily replicated and that improve the County’s health and social equity.

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Shared Vision Process (Click to watch video Watch Video)
Through a series of community forums and surveys to gain stakeholder input, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors developed the County’s Shared Visions 2010 and 2025. These efforts drew more than 1,000 participants who together, set a future course for a sustainable County. Results include an initiative to provide health insurance coverage to more than 28,000 children; fostering innovation by funding school math and science programs; development of 119 units of transit-oriented affordable housing; green jobs summit; and much more. Since this process began, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors has been accountable to and relied upon the shared vision community-driven goals. SSMC applauds the development of these innovative blueprints for a sustainable county and, more importantly, for the Board of Supervisors holding themselves accountable to them.

Sustainable San Mateo County, RecycleWorks, and the San Mateo County Chapter of the American Institute of Architects sponsor the Green Building Award to support sustainable design in architecture and to recognize the designers, builders, and owners of green buildings in San Mateo County. We are happy to announce the winners of the 2010 Green Building Awards.

New Construction Residential (Click to watch video Watch Video)
Rubenstein Residence, Hillsborough
Owner: Michael Rubenstein
Architect: TRG Architects
Builder: Miller Development
“Seamless integration of site and building with sustainble construction and accessibility considerations. Welcoming, inviting entry with nice articulation of massing and use of materials. Agressive whole-systems approach to energy use and conservation such as photovoltaic array, solar thermal and ground source heatpump system results in a net zero metering and recycling of gray water.”

Residential Remodel
Schena-Ricke Residence, Menlo Park (Click to watch video Watch Video)
Owner: Bruce Schena and Cathy Ricke
Architect: Ana Williamson Architects
Builder: Drew Maran Construction
“An elegant transformation of a 1939 cottage that reflects the owner’s values and appreciation of sustainable modern architecture while respecting its neighbors and context.”

Commercial Project
Michael J Homer Science and Student Life Center (Click to watch video Watch Video)
Owner: Sacred Heart School
Architect: Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
Builder: DPR Construction
“Integrated design of systems and building, and the transparent connection between indoor and outdoor, result in an classroom building that is both a functional and an educational tool that demonstrates sustainable environmental strategies.”