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25 05, 2023

Youth for Climate Policy


The powerful combination of Earth Week events and student empowerment has continued to sustain a global movement toward a more sustainable future. On April 21, 2023, nearly eighty students from across the Bay Area joined together for “Youth for Climate Policy,” an online  Earth Day event aimed at empowering the future generation of leaders to promote climate-friendly policies at the local government level. Organized by Sustainable San Mateo County and cosponsored by five local environmental organizations (350 Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action, Acterra, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and Peninsula Clean Energy), the event brought together State Senator Josh Becker, [...]

Youth for Climate Policy2023-06-22T09:50:23-05:00
21 12, 2022

Solar + Storage for Public Buildings Program


SSMC’s December 2022 Happy Hour featured Peter Levitt from Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) highlighting PCE’s new Solar + Storage for Public Buildings Program. The program is designed to help public agencies and school districts install solar photovoltaic energy and solar+battery backup systems on public facilities. Program objectives include: reducing customer energy costs; insulating against rising PG&E rates; helping public agencies achieve their sustainability goals, and  helping Peninsula Clean Energy meet its goal of creating 20 MW of new power sources in the county by 2025.  The program was created as part of Peninsula Clean Energy’s larger mission to reduce greenhouse [...]

Solar + Storage for Public Buildings Program2022-12-21T11:58:49-05:00
12 08, 2022

Connecting Art to Social Action


Art is a universally appreciated mode of expression and communication that can move a wide range of people. July’s Virtual Happy Hour explored how art can raise awareness, trigger empathy and motivate people to take action with the help of two professional artists: Joshua Harrison and Anthony Bianconi. Both Artists shared their recent projects and how they address environmental and broader systemic sustainability issues in the Bay Area.  Anthony Bianconi presented his project, Last of Lions, a thought-provoking statue of a mountain lion built in the context of Redwood City’s natural history. In Redwood City, mountain lions are starting to [...]

Connecting Art to Social Action2022-08-12T10:07:46-05:00
27 04, 2022

High Voltage, Low Impact Buildings: Building Electrification Efforts in San Mateo County


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released earlier this month warned that to stay within 1.5 °C of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2025 or earlier before declining. The report gave the effort to decarbonize buildings through electrification more urgency, but scientists have long known the risks of using natural gas indoors. Electrified buildings can draw power from renewable sources, but natural gas remains many buildings’ primary energy source in San Mateo County, despite its large greenhouse gas footprint and associated hazards. Three expert speakers shared their knowledge about building electrification during our April 2022 [...]

High Voltage, Low Impact Buildings: Building Electrification Efforts in San Mateo County2022-06-18T13:32:37-05:00
30 03, 2022

Time to Turn off the Faucet: Drought Implications in San Mateo County


As the growing multiyear drought in California continues to make headlines, we were happy to invite two water experts to speak at our March Happy Hour. Tom Francis, the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency’s (BAWSCA) Water Resource Manager gave an update on the status of the drought in San Mateo County, while Kan Parthiban, Sustainability Director of LYNGSO Garden Materials, Inc. spoke about how healthy soil can support water conservation. Francis warned that San Mateo County will have to make wise choices to conserve water in the near future. The county and surrounding region currently fall within the [...]

Time to Turn off the Faucet: Drought Implications in San Mateo County2022-03-31T13:37:09-05:00
9 03, 2022

Climate and Environment Forum


Several candidates running for the Congressional seat currently held by Jackie Speier participated in a forum on environmental and sustainability issues on April 6. They are competing in the Primary Election taking place June 7; the two top vote-getter will advance to the General Election in November. Congresswoman Speier will be stepping down at the end of 2022. Sustainable San Mateo County was one of the co-sponsors of the Climate and Environment Forum, which was hosted by the Citizens' Climate Lobby. Click here to watch the candidates debate sustainability issues Event Sponsors:

Climate and Environment Forum2022-04-21T14:01:02-05:00
3 03, 2022

Turning Organic Waste into Gold


During February’s Happy Hour we unpacked the state’s new composting law (SB1383) with the help of three local experts in the field: Joe La Mariana, Executive Director of Rethink Waste, Monica Devincenzi from Republic Services and Gordon Tong, representing San Mateo County's Office of Sustainability. Monica started off the evening by sharing some historical context on waste management. She explained that each county is supposed to have at least one active landfill within its borders with a minimum of 15 years of waste capacity. San Mateo County has one active landfill site, Ox Mountain in Half Moon Bay, which is [...]

Turning Organic Waste into Gold2022-03-08T14:17:35-05:00
1 10, 2021

In Vogue: Sustainability in the Fashion Industry


Our August Happy Hour explored sustainability in the fashion industry. We were pleased to have Gary Barker, Eszter Csicsai, and Emily Schneider speak at the Happy Hour and share the ways they are working toward a more sustainable fashion industry - from sustainable hangers to metrics that compare products' sustainability to resale opportunities. Gary Barker is the Director of Sustainability at Nexgen Packaging and founder of Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions, a B-corporation recently acquired by Nexgen Packaging. Ditto has developed sustainable ways to improve hangers' impact on the environment - which is surprisingly large. He said 100 percent of wooden [...]

In Vogue: Sustainability in the Fashion Industry2021-10-01T14:29:56-05:00
1 10, 2021

Air Quality for All


At Sustainable San Mateo County’s Happy Hour on July 20 titled “Air Quality for Equality”, attendees discussed disparities in air quality in San Mateo County and the wider Bay Area. Guest speaker David Canepa, who serves on the county’s Board of Supervisors and sits also on the Board of Directors at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, correlated these disparities to racial and socioeconomic differences and highlighted some of the work the county is doing to combat these impacts. Ulysses Vinson, director of SMC Labs, explained how his firm is partnering with an air quality company, Clarity, to monitor [...]

Air Quality for All2021-10-01T15:36:58-05:00
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