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4 09, 2020

2020 Key Indicator


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency The Dual-Axis Solar Carport in Burlingame supports up to 600 solar panels. Conventional fossil-fuel energy sources such as coal and natural gas are huge contributors to climate change. Non-renewable electricity and power generation use large amounts of scarce energy and water resources and pollute both the air and water, greatly harming our health and environment. On the other hand, renewable energy generated from sources including sun, wind and tides provides substantial benefits for mitigating climate change and restoring our health and environment. Last year, Sustainable San Mateo County’s annual Key Indicator report [...]

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28 10, 2019

Key Indicator 2019 Climate Change: How do we respond?


Climate change will impact the socio-economic viability of every community while also affecting infrastructure, built systems, social aspects and public health. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature, precipitation, and sea level are certain to impact health, natural resources, coastal ecology, transportation, energy infrastructure, and food and water security. In 2018, Sustainable San Mateo County’s Annual Key Indicator Report presented the complex interconnection between systems and behaviors that drive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and how these emissions lead to climate change, highlighting the urgent need to take action. The Annual Key Indicator Report 2019 continues to explore climate change with a [...]

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