On April 10th, Sustainable San Mateo County marked a significant milestone with its 25th Annual Awards Celebration, and what an unforgettable evening it was! Nearly 300 individuals, all driven by a common passion for sustainability, converged to celebrate progress, recognize exemplary efforts, and forge new connections. The event served as a powerful reminder of the collective commitment required to nurture a more sustainable future.

The who’s who of sustainability was in attendance with elected officials, dedicated city and county staff, nonprofit organizations, business leaders, and enthusiastic students. From the outset, the atmosphere was electric, as guests mingled during a reception before settling in for an evening of inspiration and camaraderie.

SSMC’s Executive Director Sarah Hubbard and Board Chair Terry Nagel kicked off the program by sharing the history of SSMC and the exciting new developments the organization is launching, including the new Sustainability Dashboard and Ideas Bank. Emcees State Senator Josh Becker and former Menlo Park Mayor and SSMC Vice Board Chair Kirsten Keith, shared stories of their own commitment to sustainability and then led the room through an inspiring evening celebrating local sustainability champions.

David Louie, former reporter for Bay Area ABC7 news and expert auctioneer, rallied attendees in a live auction with attendees competing for exciting get-a-ways and events with all proceeds going to support SSMC’s efforts.

At the heart of the celebration were the awards, shining a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of seven deserving recipients. These individuals, organizations, and green buildings exemplified the ethos of proactive stewardship, demonstrating that positive change begins with individual action. Their stories of dedication and impact served as powerful reminders of the transformative potential inherent in each of us. Get to know our awardees here and through these short videos.

We want to thank our local sustainability community for making this event such a success. A dedicated team of 20 volunteers helped organize the event. And, over 50 individuals and organizations sponsored the event and the “Fund the Future” program investing in SSMC’s continued research, analysis, education, outreach and development efforts.

Ultimately, Sustainable San Mateo County’s 25th Annual Awards Celebration served as a powerful testament to the deep impact that can be achieved when passionate individuals unite in pursuit of a common goal. As we reflect on the evening’s highlights, let us be inspired by the spirit of collective action and reaffirm our commitment to stepping up and making a difference in our own communities and beyond. After all, the journey to a more sustainable world is one we must embark on together.

*Thank you to Guy Cummings for these beautiful pictures.