Electrify Everything! NEW DEADLINE: 09/30!

Join SSMC’s Green Electrification Photo and Short Video Contest

Submit your best green infrastructure photo(s) and short video(s) (30-90 sec. long) by 11:59PM PST on September 30th. No professional experience required. Your entry could win a great prize and will help raise awareness of the multiple benefits of electrifying our transportation and building sectors – including your own home!

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Ready to get started? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Collect videos and photos of electrification in action
  2. Post and Tag @sustainablesmc and @pencleanenergy on Instagram and Facebook (if you have a public profile)
  3. Or you can submit your entry either by using our google form: bit.ly/ElectrifyEverythingContest  or by emailing us at: electrifyeverythingcontest@sustainablesanmateo.org – – For email submissions, please indicate your name (first and last) and email (mandatory) and phone number and mailing address (optional).

Participate for a chance to win a gift card! Details below.

Up to three (3) entries per person. Note: Asterisks (*) in the submission google form indicate required fields.

To read the Official Rules of the contest, please click here. Must agree to these Official Rules upon entering the Contest.

Questions and inquiries about contest rules can be emailed to: electrifyeverythingcontest@sustainablesanmateo.org

Contest – Important Points:

WHAT: With this contest, we want to raise awareness of the many benefits of electrification in the building and transportation sectors, including but not limited to health benefits, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and financial benefits. Your entries should cover residential, commercial and community projects, including but not limited to: electric appliances (e.g. induction cooktops, heat pump water heaters, electric fireplaces, electric dryers, etc.); residential and commercial EV charging stations; solar and photovoltaics panels; battery systems; etc.

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone can enter, no restrictions. If you are a minor (less than 18 years old), you can enter too, with at least one of your legal parents or guardians’ approval.

FORMAT OF ENTRIES: Photograph entries may include color or black and white print and need to be submitted electronically in a .jpeg, .jpg, or.png format. Short videos should be 30-90 seconds long (no longer!) and be submitted electronically in a .mov or .mp4 format. You can submit up to three (3) entries, of any combination of your choice (e.g. 3 videos; 3 photos; 2 videos and 1 photo or 2 photos and 1 video).

ENTRY PERIOD: The contest opens at 11:59 PST on September 1, 2022, and ends at 11:59pm PST on September 30, 2022 (extended deadline).

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY(IES): a) If you have a google email (gmail), go to: bit.ly/ElectrifyEverythingContest b) If you don’t have a google email address, please submit your entries via email: electrifyeverythingcontest@sustainablesanmateo.org or you can also submit them by c) posting directly on Instagram and Facebook and tagging @sustainablesmc and @pencleanenergy. For email submissions, please indicate your name (first and last) and email (mandatory) and phone number and mailing address (optional).

JUDGING CRITERIA: Images and short videos will be judged by a panel of judges on educational value, originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact and artistic merit.


  • One (1) Grand Prize winner: $300 gift card
  • One (1) Second Place winner: $150 gift card
  • One (1) Third Place winner: $50 gift card

To read the Official Rules of the contest, please click here.

We thank you for doing your part in addressing climate change and raising awareness for the many benefits of electrification.

Best of luck!

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