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SSMC Takes a Stand on Measure W and Prop 6

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Sustainable San Mateo County’s board of directors has endorsed a San Mateo County measure on the November ballot that emphasizes traffic congestion relief and transportation improvements that would benefit public transit, walking, biking, carpooling and other strategies to take as many as 10,000 cars off interchanges and highways every weekday.

Measure W, which would add a half-cent sales tax, was dramatically impacted by feedback from CEC and 27 other diverse local and regional organizations that joined together as TEAMC (Transportation Equity Allied Movement Coalition) to advocate for more sustainable transportation.


SSMC’s board is opposing Proposition 6, a measure that would eliminate California’s 12 cents per gallon tax on fuel, which amounts to about $5.6 billion per year in transportation funding, including almost $1 billion a year for public transportation, safe walking and biking, and multi-use trails. It would make it very difficult for any future gas taxes or vehicle license fees to be enacted because it would require them to be approved by a statewide electoral vote instead of by the State Legislature.

The state Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and local jurisdictions depend on this funding to maintain and enhance our transportation structure. Eliminating this funding would jeopardize more than 450 public transit projects already underway, would force transit agencies to raise fares and would end California’s investments to combat climate change under Senate Bill 1.


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