2012 Awards Event Photos & Winner Videos! | Sustainable San Mateo County

2012 Awards Event Photos & Winner Videos!

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Sustainable San Mateo County Award Winners

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• Pie Ranch, Pescadero
At Pie Ranch, local high school students learn how to make a pie, from growing the raw ingredients to putting it on the table. In addition, Pie Ranch is home to an apprenticeship program for aspiring young farmers, who live on site for 11 months practicing sustainable farming methods. Director Jered Lawson has worked decades to help link communities with local farms.
Pie Ranch Video

• St. Francis Center, Redwood City
The St. Francis Center of Redwood City is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families in need to live in dignity and become self-supporting members of the community. Founded in 1986, the St. Francis Center provides essential services such as housing, food, and clothing to over 3,000 community members each month. However, their most important service is education-education for the children and the parents of the families they serve.
St. Francis Video

• SolarCity, San Mateo
SolarCity, a national provider of solar design, financing, installation and monitoring, & energy efficiency services, has an industry game-changing business model that has made solar power affordable & simple to adopt for both businesses & homeowners. Eliminating one of the biggest barriers to solar adoption, upfront costs, gives many customers the option to install solar for free & pay less for solar electricity than they pay for utility power. SolarCity is now one of the country’s largest full-service solar & energy efficiency providers.
Solar City Video

• Alane O’Rielly Weber, San Mateo
Since her childhood, Alane has nurtured a special reverence for plants & nature. Two decades ago, she began focusing on the soil & its multitudes of beneficial microbes. Alane now owns & operates Botanical Arts in San Mateo, which offers consulting and support services for sustainable landscape design & maintenance, emphasizing plant nutrition & soil biological management. She also adheres to & teaches Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, & is a huge promoter of composting, home-grown vegetables & native plants.

Alane O’Rielly Weber Video

Green Building Award Winners

Tah.Mah.Lah, The Holland-Yates Residence: Award of Excellence, Residential Project
This is an exceptional project using zero fossil fuels, & producing 137% of its projected energy use with photovoltaic cells & geothermal sources. Their holistic approach to design & construction included architect, contractors & subcontractors buying into the guiding theme & goal: “beyond sustainability to regenerative”. It features 98% waste diversion, FSC certified wood, a superinsulated building envelope, recycled glass, reclaimed materials & recycled steel. Tah.Mah.Lah exceeds LEED Platinum certification standards.

Tah. Mah. Lah. Video

Kaiser Permanente San Mateo Medical Offices: Honor Award, Institutional Project
The provision of a “total health environment” within a few minutes’ walk to residences, transportation, businesses and shopping is a very sustainable approach to creating an accessible community. The building makes use of daylighting, natural ventilation and high efficiency HVAC. Seventy five percent of the structural steel is recycled steel and low VOC products are used throughout the facility. With a pharmacy, lab, x-ray, optometry and optical center, primary, pediatric and ob-gyn care, and family care clinics, the project provides a one-stop community central location for thousands of local patients–which reduces vehicle trips and greenhouse gas emissions.

Kaiser Permanente Video

The Bill and Jean Lane Education Center at Edgewood Park and Nature Preserve, Honor Award, Public Project
This public project to reclaims and re-purposes many items from other public projects. The design team involved the community throughout the process, from selecting the building site, the choice of reclaimed restroom tiles, as well as the design of the future native plant garden. The building features natural exhibition lighting, natural ventilation & an 8 KW photovoltaic system.

Bill and Jean Lane Education Center Video

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